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The goal of the Rufus Fisher Dog Adoption Program is to provide homes for dogs who take part in flea and tick product evaluations at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The program not only finds homes for the dogs, but also contributes to the education of veterinary students and provides companionship and love to the students and community members who participate as Dog Angel adoptive parents. Every member on the flea and tick team works hard to ensure the safety and mental well-being of all dogs involved in these evaluations.


The College of Veterinary Medicine has placed numerous dogs into homes over the last 10 years. Male and female dogs between six months and two years of age are purchased specifically for these needed evaluations. No feral or stray dogs are ever used. These are not drug safety trials; the purpose of these trials is to evaluate the efficiency of flea and tick products. Once a study is complete, the dogs are in need of new homes. Due to the time it takes to find a good match for every dog, there are expenses incurred for interim housing costs and routine medical needs.


Your contribution helps

Dr. Dryden
Dr. Michael Dryden

Donations to the Rufus Fisher Dog Angel Program will help provide housing and care of dogs prior to adoption. These investments will also cover the cost of having each dog medically treated at the K-State Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Canine surgeries are performed by veterinary students under the direct supervision of senior clinicians. While spays and neuters eventually become routine procedures for students, these dogs provide valuable training experiences during students’ senior year.

Dr. Michael Dryden, professor of veterinary parasitology at K-State, is the nation’s pre-eminent expert on the biology and epidemiology of fleas and ticks. Dr. Dryden has led one of the world’s foremost labs dedicated to studying fleas and ticks infesting dogs and cats since 1990. Donations to the Rufus Fisher Dog Angel Program are placed in an account under the direction of Dr. Dryden.

Founding Angels

T.J. Fisher and Rufus
T.J. Fisher and Rufus

Neil and T.J. Fisher in honor of their Labrador, Rufus, have made it possible to initiate a funding program for others to step forward and provide monetary support. Their support has enriched the lives of many students, dogs and their owners.

Testimonial from an adoptive parent
“‘Tank’ has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has the most amiable personality of any dog that I have ever met. He loves every person and every other dog that we meet. We would like to thank the K-State staff for giving us the opportunity to meet and adopt a new family member we love dearly. In addition, we would like to thank the K-State staff for being so helpful through the adoption process. Without question, we would recommend everyone take the time to learn more about the program and help those who are finding loving and caring homes for the Dog Angel members.”— Lee Ladner




You Can Help!

If you are interested in helping secure the future of all dogs in the program by investing in the Rufus Fisher Dog Angel Program or want further information, please contact the development office at (785) 532-4378. If you would like to adopt one of these wonderful dogs, contact Vicki Smith at (785) 532-4611

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