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November 2008 - Vol. 3 No. 10


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Dr. Russell Hardin,class of 1946Homecoming ceremony salutes CVM alumnus
Dr. Russell Hardin played football for the Wildcats in 1944-1945.
Learn about his recent visit

Quick response earns civilian action medal
Dr. William Fortney and daughter help save a life
Read how it happened

Outstanding Instructors Honored
Four CVM instructors were recognized for excellence in teaching.
Meet the teachers

CVM names 2008 class of Early Admit Scholars

American Royal welcomes its veterinary scholars

Upcoming Veterinary Medical Continuing Education Conferences

Regular Features

Suhasini GantaUnder the Microscope:
Suhasini Ganta, A&P Assistant Scientist

Check it Out at the Library
Dave Adams: Certified Professional Photographer

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New Arrivals/Recent Departures

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  Holly Beck's illustrationBonus logobonus stories*

Student's artwork selected for display

Lots CVM friends and family show off their Halloween costumes


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*Bonus Photos

Homecoming ceremony salutes CVM alumnus
Dr. Hardin celebrates football memories and animal health career

Tears of joy flow quickly for Dr. Russell Hardin. He has many great memories of his time at K-State. Some involve earning his veterinary degree in 1946. Other memories evoke the gridiron, as he was able to play on the K-State football team in 1944 and 1945.

At the homecoming game against the University of Oklahoma,
Dr. Hardin was honored at the end of the first quarter as one of the oldest members of the Golden Cats, an alumni group of former football players.

“Can you believe it?” Dr. Hardin smiles. “This is 63 years to the day after we played Oklahoma in my senior year. I was a team captain for that game. Today they’re letting me be an honorary coach.”

Dr. Hardin waved to the crowd during his on-field recognition. His face was lit up on the big screen TV in the end zone, as emotions overcame him. A few minutes later, he walked to the sideline, mingled with the team and visited with other sideline guests.

A native of Indiana, Dr. Hardin had originally gone to Purdue University as an undergraduate and hopeful athlete, but was cut from the football team after only three weeks. He then focused on his studies in animal science, but three years later was called up by the U.S. Army at the beginning of World War II. He was stationed in El Paso, Texas, at Fort Bliss when Dr. Hardin was given a life-changing opportunity. He had qualified for the Army Specialized Training Program, and was told by the camp’s general that he would be going to veterinary school.

“I got on a train and came to K-State in the fall of 1943,” he said. “We stayed in uniform here for the first year, lived in the barracks on campus and marched every night.”

Since Dr. Hardin was six hours short of finishing his degree at Purdue, he still had eligibility to play football.

“I wasn’t that good, but I was able to fill a spot on the K-State team,” he said. “With 27 straight months of school (during the war) and no breaks, I had to do a lot of studying besides playing football. When we went on a trip, I took my books with me.”

After graduating in 1946, Dr. Hardin returned to Indiana and ran a mixed practice for 37 years. He sold the practice to his three partners, when he retired. Aside from his veterinary practice,
Dr. Hardin owns a 600-acre farm with corn, soybean and farrow-to-finish sows.

His wife, Peg, passed away in 2000, after 57 years of marriage. She had worked in the home economics department at K-State while Dr. Hardin was attending veterinary school. Dr. Hardin’s daughter, Judy, lives in Texas, and son Ed, lives in Ohio.


Dr. Russell Hardin shows some clips of his football-playing days at K-State.
Dr. Russell Hardin displays a newspaper clipping from the Wildcat's 1945 game against OU and a telegram inviting him to play professional football for the Detroit Lions.

Dr. Hardin waves to the crowd at Bill Snyder Family Stadium
Dr. Hardin waves to the crowd at the end of the first quarter halftime of the homecoming game as the oldest living alumnus from the Wildcat football team.

Dr. Hardin visits with a player on the sideline.
Dr. Dr. Hardin visits with No. 93, Gabriel Crews, on the Wildcat bench.

  Quick response earns civilian action medal

Dr. William Fortney (DM/P) and his daughter Jennifer were recently honored at the Merriam, Kan., Fire Department’s Medal Day. They both received the Civilian Action Medal, which is given to civilians who act in unusual character requiring initiative worthy of recognition by the fire department.

Civilian action medalWhile shopping in Home Depot in Shawnee Mission, Kan., Bill observed a customer collapsed in an aisle. Close examination revealed the man was unconscious and very pale. Bill asked an observer to call 911 as he and Jennifer, a third-year medical student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, initiated CPR on the stranger.

After 6 minutes, the medical respondents arrived on the scene. The trained personnel continued the cardiac resuscitation/cardio-conversion efforts for the next 20 minutes before transporting the patient to the hospital.

After a 10-day stay in the ICU, the patient returned home. He has made a complete recovery and returned to work one month after the incident. During his recovery, he called Bill and Jennifer to thank them for their life-saving efforts.


Jennifer and Dr. William Fortney
Jennifer and Dr. William Fortney
   Outstanding Instructors Honored

On Oct. 21, faculty members were recognized for excellence in teaching in the pre-clinical years by the classes of 2011, 2010 and 2009. Pictured from left to right: Dr. David Renter, IVS (now TEVA) Teaching Excellence Award for first-year students; Dr. Meredyth Jones, Novartis Teaching Excellence Award for third-year students; Dr. Derek Mosier, Bayer Animal Health Teaching Award for second-year students; and Dr. Philine Wangemann, Merial Teaching Excellence Award for first-year students.


Teaching Awardees  
  2008 Early Admit Scholars Named

Twenty-two K-State freshmen were announced at the 2008 Early Admission Honors Ceremony. Once in the program and after com-pletion of 64 hours of preprofessional requirements, these students are guaranteed admission to the CVM. Students are assigned both a faculty and student mentor. The preveterinary students attend meetings during the academic year to develop a sense of community and share their progress.


 Early Admit Scholars
Front, left to right: Hannah Leventhal, Caitlyn Romero, Kristin Holman, Morgan Bertison, Lior Kamara, Alyson McCall, Shannon Goedeken and Chelsea Rohr. Middle: Caren Chellgren, Madeleine Little, Katherine Bjornson, Laura Kohake, Nicole Smith, Jessica Otradovec and Kyla Krissek. Back: Shawana Cikanek, Rheba Howard, David Hanks, Trenton Shrader, Megan Cunningham, Alex Bachman and Kelsey Pritchett.

   Check it out at the Library: Dave Adams: Certified Professional Photographer
written by Carol Elmore

Dave Adams, certified photographerDave Adams, a member of the Veterinary Library DISC Services, has qualified for re-certification of the Certified Professional Photographer designation from the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. Dave earned this designation after meeting rigorous requirements that measured his artistic and technical competence. Currently there are fewer than 2,000 Certified Professional Photographers, and only two in Manhattan.

Dave received his original designation as a Certified Professional Photographer in 1982, when he successfully passed a rigorous written examination and successful image evaluation for his portfolio submission. He must also adhere to a stringent code of ethics. Dave has been successfully re-certified every five years since this original designation. The Professional Photographic Certification Commission is the leading body that certifies imaging professionals.

Dave received a degree in business with a minor in photography from Ft. Hays State University.

During his college years, he completed an internship at the Topeka Capital Journal, where he worked with award-winning professional photographers. During his college years, he started his own photography business and was a photographer in Colby, Kan., for a photography/ print shop and The Prairie Drummer newspaper. In 1974, Dave accepted a position as a photographer for the College of Veterinary Medicine in the Teaching Resources department which later became the Instructional Technology Center.

Dave says that he is very fortunate to be able to make a living doing something that he enjoys very much and appreciates the opportunities that he has in working with faculty, staff and students at the college in supporting their teaching, research and fundraising photography needs. He especially likes renewing acquaintances with students he has worked with over the years.

One of the biggest changes that he has seen recently in his field is the use of digital imaging instead of film technology. This change has made photography more available to everyone, but CVM people still rely on Dave because of his expertise and years of experience in the field. Most of the covers for the VMTH magazine, AnimaLIFE, have been shot by Dave, as well as many images in Healing Hands, the college magazine. The Pets and People program, which takes animals to local nursing homes, has relied on Dave’s work, and the Pet Pics animal pictures that Dave has taken are treasured by animal owners all over the area.

Congratulations, Dave!


CVM friends and family show off their Halloween costumes

Captain Rylee Sparrow
Captain Rylee Sparrow
Friend of Stephanie Oursler

Friend of Nathalie Baldwin

The "Incredibles" visited the CVM on their quest to save the world.

Friend of Amy Heyroth

Nikki Baker
Nikki Baker
Friend of Angela Baker

Veterinary Technicians
A group of veterinary technicians get in the spirit.


DM/P in Halloween costumes
The folks in DM/P smile with the Dean on Halloween.

Elliot and Riley
Elliot and Riley
Friends of Vanessa Emig

Chef Hope and Hotdog Sadie
Chef Hope, daughter of Cindy Bryant, takes her friend Hotdog Sadie for a walk.

Jake Stenske
Jake Stenske dressed up like his friend, Kate Stenske.

Library Staff
A cat, IPod and sumo-wrestler were just a few of the items inhabiting the bodies of the library staff on Halloweeen.

These opossums visited the VMTH, and Maite Torres-Irizarry helped them join in the holiday spirit.

Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith, 7 weeks
Son of Melissa Moore


  American Royal Veterinary Scholars

K-State's American Royal veterinary scholars
Three K-Staters receive the American Royal Veterinary Scholarship sponsored by Seaboard Farms.
Left to right: Nathan Kotschwar, Kent Williams, Kabel Robbins and Dean Ralph Richardson.


  Upcoming Veterinary Medical Continuing Education conference!

• December 5: 2nd Annual Conference for Llama and Alpaca Owners

• December 12: Small Ruminant Conference

For CVM student, faculty and staff registration forms, visit: https://ww2.vet.k-state.edu/Intranet/ce/register.htm

Questions? VMCE@vet.k-state.edu or 532-5696, 1 Trotter Hall


  *bonus art gallery

Holly Beck draws on inspiration

Third-year student Holly Beck will be featured in the Artistry and Veterinary Medicine exhibit being held from November 2008-January 2009 in Tucson, Ariz. These are some of her colored-pencil drawings.

Freddy Mercury with birds


Penguin collage

Cats collage

  Under the Microscope: Suhasini Ganta, Assistant Scientist A&P

Suhasini Ganta

Place of birth: Visakhapatnam, India

Family information: My husband of 22 years, Roman Ganta, DM/P professor; two daughters: Aasritha, 20, college senior and Janani, 15, junior in high school; and son, Neel, 10, 6th grade. Father, retired from Indian Navy; mother, housewife; and brother, computer programmer.

Pets: At this time, we only have fish. In the past, we had a dog named Star, a hamster and parakeets.

beaker graphicFavorite childhood memory: Everyday, playing outdoors at a playground.

Favorite way to spend an hour of free time: At the rec center or surfing the Internet.

Strangest job you’ve ever had: I once worked in an entomology lab at the University of Florida where I had to count fruit fly larvae. Touching them used to give me chills.

If you could visit another time period, what would you choose? I would like to go back in time to see my forefathers (five to ten generations ago) and learn all about them and how they lived.



CVM News Ticker

Presenters and speakers Professional Highlights

Drs. Matt Miesner and Brad White spoke at the Latin America Veterinary Conference held Oct. 3-6 in Lima, Peru.

Dr. James Carpenter presented eight lectures on small animal medicine and surgery at the Southwestern Veterinary Symposium in Dallas, Oct. 3-5.

Dr. Greg Grauer presented at the South European Veterinary Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 18-19 on the topic of managing chronic kidney disease in dogs with congestive heart failure. He also spoke at the Central Veterinary Conference West in San Diego, Nov. 2-3. 

Dr. David Anderson spoke at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) annual symposium in San Diego on Oct. 21 on the topic of bovine surgery and camelid surgery.

Dr. Mike Apley presented at the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) plenary in Greensboro, N.C., on Oct. 25 on the topic of antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

Dr. Hans Coetzee presented at the Association of Veterinary Surgeons Practicing in Northern Ireland (AVSPNI) in Northern Ireland, Oct. 26-27.


Congratulations to Drs. Kyathanahalli Janardhan, Mehrdad Ameri and Tanya Grondin for passing the certifying examination of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. They were residents in DM/P. Dr. Janardhan is an assistant professor (anatomic pathologist) in DM/P. Dr. Ameri is a clinical pathologist in Wyeth Research, Chazy, N.Y. Dr. Grondin is a clinical pathologist in HPA laboratories in Ashland, Va.

  New Arrivals

Dr. Morgan Scott - DM/P
Leslie Sargeant - VMTH
Joseph Chapes - VMCE
Melissa Moore - VMTH
Celine Corrales - DM/P-VDL

  Recent Departures

Dr. Tanya Grondin Dewitt - DM/P
Dr. Kelli Almes - DM/P
Dr. Casey Riegel - DM/P
Doris Donovan - A&P
Shannon Kneuper - VMTH



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