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October 2007 - Vol. 2 No. 10
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Dr. Jones teaches camelid medicine in Mongolia

DISC says 'hello' with food!

Dr. Richardson to come to K-State

Happy Halloween: CVM pets and people get dressed up for the season!

RCHS relies on help from many CVM volunteers

Veterinary Career Opportunities Workshop

Hodgson Fundraising Update

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Under the Microscope:
Rhonda Stadel, Accountant II, Dean's Business Office

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Dr. Jones teaches camelid medicine in Mongolia

In September, Dr. Meredyth Jones spent two weeks teaching in Mongolia with V.E.T. Mongolia, a subsidiary of Christian Veterinary Mission. She co-taught a camel medicine shortcourse with Jim Jensen, a zoo medicine specialist from Texas. After completing the shortcourse, Dr. Jones traveled with a group of 5 Mongolians to towns throughout the desert, meeting with veterinarians and providing medical and business training. 

“We were invited into the homes of countryside people and given solid camel milk yogurt to eat and fermented mare’s milk to drink,” Dr. Jones said. “We camped out each night in the desert along our way and ate mostly sheep meat. The people there are extremely hospitable and felt very honored to have a foreigner come visit them. It was very rough living, but I was fortunate to be able to eat all of the food and drink and never once got sick.

"I taught them horse limb anatomy and discussed race horse injuries with them. Veterinary training in Mongolia is extremely basic and they are taught very little clinical case and management skills. They recognize and appreciate the skills of veterinarians from the West and are eager to improve their ability to manage cases."

Horse bone

Dr. Jones describes horse anatomy to a Mongolian veterinarian.

Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones goes for a camel ride!



Dr. Jones presents her Mongolian travel companions.


Dr. Jones and Dr. Jensen demonstrate how to pass a stomach tube.


DISC says 'hello' with food!

In a “get to know us” effort during the week of Sept. 17th - 21st, the Digital Information Services Center (DISC) staff roved the halls of the Veterinary Medicine Complex with a snack cart and Open House invitations. DISC held their Open House in the VM Library. At the conclusion, there was a drawing for a tailgating basket. The winner was Hannah Coleman, administrative specialist with Dr. David Anderson in Clinical Sciences. Congratulations!

WRD Willie

Photo by Mal Hoover

DISC basket

Photo by Dave Adams


  Dr. Richardson to come to K-State

Dr. RichardsonDr. Dan Richardson, class of 1977, a nationally known expert in biosciences and animal health, will become chief executive officer of K-State’s Olathe Innovation Campus in January.

Brother of Dean Ralph Richardson, Dr. Richardson earned his bachelor’s and DVM degrees at K-State. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, and has spent time teaching at Purdue and North Carolina State Universities.

Dr. Richardson has worked for Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. since 1991 and is currently vice president of the Pet Nutrition Center in Topeka, Kan.

In his new position, Dr. Richardson will work with area education leaders to establish and develop opportunities for students to learn about careers in animal health. 


Lifelines bonus - Web site only
Happy Halloween: CVM pets and people get dressed for the season!

(with bonus pictures)


"Pippi kitty"
Friend of Angela Baker


"I'm no scaredy-cat!"
Friend of Pilar Guntar


"A little grrr...affe"
Friend of Leah Wellman


"The Udders: Appearing Soon"
Melanie, Sienna, Clint and Braxton Summers

John, Jacob and BreAnn

"Bad guys beware!"
Left to right: John and Jacob Anderson, sons of Lane Anderson and BreAnn Meisner "Spidergirl", daughter of Matt Meisner

Tiger and Henry

"I'm no chicken! Wait, yes, I guess I am!"
Tiger (lobster) and Henry (chicken)
Friends of Carolyn Marino


"Holy Labrador, It's the Caped Canine!"
Friend of Lane Anderson


"Even little devils need a little love..."
LaKota Souix
Friend of Stephanie Heersink


"Mad cow or happy dog?"
Friend of Kristi Snyder


"Bearly peeking through"
Daughter of Lalitha Peddireddi and Charan Ganta

Chase and Mogly

"Ready for the runway"
Mogly "Japanese dog" and Chase "Biker dude"
Friends of Amy Brusk


"Daddy's Little Punkin"
Gracie Montgomery
Daughter of Joe Montgomery


RCHS relies on help from many CVM volunteers

by Mylissia Stukey, RCHS president

Gomer is one of many special needs cases being cared for by the Riley County Humane Society (RCHS). Gomer, a 4-month-old orange tabby, has been diagnosed with a congenital cyst twice the size of his heart. Gomer will undergo a thoracotomy in hopes of removing the cyst. At such a young age, Gomer faces other medical conditions as well, including bilateral cataracts. Although Gomer has a long road ahead of him, you would never know it by looking into his eyes. The beautiful orange tabby shows no distress and appears quite content, purring constantly and wanting to be held.

Legalized and incorporated in 1975, RCHS is a nonprofit 501 3(c) class organization located in Manhattan and dedicated to the welfare of animals.
RCHS does not have a facility and therefore relies on state-licensed volunteers to foster animals like Gomer in their homes. RCHS is 100 percent volunteer work and is solely supported by public donations. RCHS programs include, but are not limited to: cruelty investigations, humane education, and the fostering and adoption of animals.

Many of the talented RCHS volunteers are students, staff and faculty of the CVM. Volunteers give the animals a second chance at life, as well as impacting the community in a positive way. Volunteers provide a second chance for abused, abandoned and neglected companion animals, as well as educating the public on what it means to be a responsible pet owner.
Volunteers from the CVM serve as a part of RCHS’ executive board, board of directors, foster families, fundraising chairs and animal transporters. They work to help create an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion toward animals. They not only improve the lives of the animals, but they play a part in keeping the animals social and healthy. Most importantly, they keep the organization intact.

As president of the Riley County Humane Society I cannot thank these volunteers enough for their time and dedication. The number of animals that RCHS can save each year depends entirely on the generosity and dedication of our volunteers. RCHS offers a number of opportunities for volunteer involvement. To learn more about RCHS contact us at 785-776-8433 or rchshumane@yahoo.com.


Gomer and Silk
Silk and Gomer

Lifelines bonus - Web site only    Fall Awards Ceremony

Dr. Lane Anderson
Dr. Lane Anderson (right) received the Merial Teaching Excellence
Award for first-year instruction.

Dr. Szladovits
Dr. Zsolt Szladovits (right) received the IVX Animal Health
Teaching Excellence Award for first-year instruction.

Dr. Hans Coetzee
Dr. Mike Apley was awarded the Bayer Animal Health Teaching
Excellence Award for second-year instruction. Accepting the
award for Dr. Apley was Dr. Hans Coetzee (left).


ice cream

Attendees enjoyed ice cream with a wide variety of toppings.

Dr. Kerry Keeton

Dr. Kerry Keeton (left) was awarded the Novartis Teaching Excellence Award for third-year instruction.

Veterinary Career Opportunities Workshop

Who: Students, Practitioners, CVM faculty and staff

What: Matching students and mixed animal practitioners

When: Friday and Saturday, Nov. 2-3, 2007

Where: Holiday Inn, 17th and Anderson

How: Visit http://www.vet.ksu.edu/CE/archive/2007/vcow07.htm for more info.


Lifelines bonus - Web site only  CVM stars on TV show


Familiar faces from around the CVM recently appeared on Cattlemen to Cattlemen, a weekly television show from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association that airs on RFD-TV. Students and faculty were interviewed for the show that aired on October 2. Click here to watch the episode.

Dr. White



Hodgson Fundraising Update

$1,045 has been raised for Dr. Hodgson's cause in Afghanistan. These funds will be used to purchase dental equipment and cordless clippers.


Under the Microscope: Rhonda Stadel, Accountant II, Dean's Business Office

Rhonda StadelPlace of birth: Concordia, Kan.

Family Information: Married to Tim with two adorable boys — Eric, 12 and Jason, 9

Pets: Otis, a very spoiled rat terrier and two bottle calves, Lucy and Willie

Life theme song: “Awful, Beautiful Life” by Darryl Worley

Of all the books you were assigned to read in school, what was your favorite? Any of the “Little House on the Prairie” books

Favorite way to spend an hour of free time: Crafts, spending time with the boys.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip

Person who has had the greatest influence on your life: My husband, because he is dedicated in everything he does.


Check it Out at the Library: Reaching for Excellence

Carol Elmoreby Carol Elmore

Several weeks ago you may have observed a cart traveling around the veterinary college with members of the Digital Information Services Center (DISC) group from the Veterinary Medical Library tempting you with treats and information. The group was promoting the recently expanded areas of DISC which now include print graphics, medical illustration and photography, as well as the existing instructional elements. DISC now has four staff members. Cindy Logan, Assistant Professor, is the coordinator of DISC.

DISC will have a grand opening later this fall or early next year to celebrate its new and existing programs. Lots of changes are occurring in the Veterinary Medical Library to accommodate the space for the DISC staff and the collaborative areas of the library. Once finished, the DISC area will allow users to be able to complete individual or group projects, or receive instruction on software programs and various forms of technology.

Although the space for DISC is in transition, the staff is ready to assist with any learning and instructional needs that you may have. A help line is available for faculty, staff and students who need assistance with technology, instruction or don’t know which service or support area to call. The caller will be connected to the correct person to fulfill the need.

Call the helpline at 532-2327 or send an e-mail to disc@vet.k-state.edu to begin your request. The helpline is answered all hours the library is open. New developments in the progress of DISC will be announced as they are completed. Come by the library and see what is happening with DISC and its newly expanded role in our college.


CVM News Ticker

Bryant Blank, third-year student, has been elected an executive committee officer of the Student American Veterinary Medicine Association.


Dr. Warren Beard spoke Oct. 4 at the IntraState Veterinary meeting in South Sioux City, Neb, on the topic of wound care.


Dr. Greg Gauer spoke Oct. 9 at the Alaska State VMA meeting.


Dean Richardson and Dr. Lisa Freeman traveled to Brazil and Paraguay Oct. 17-24 to learn what K-State can do to help eliminate FMD from the Western Hemisphere by 2010.


Dr. Greg Gauer spoke Oct. 19 and 20 at the Southern European Veteinary Conference in Barcelona, Spain, on Chronic Kidney Disease.


Dr. Brad White gave a presentation on educational efforts associated with the control and management of BVD at the Applied Animal and Public Health Research and Extension Conference at the United States Animal Health Association on Oct. 20 in Reno, Nev.


Drs. Laura Armbrust and Mike Apley spoke at the CVC West in San Diego Oct. 20-23.


Dr. Mike Apley spoke Oct. 26 at Ohio State University.


There will be an International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare event May 29-30, 2008. This event is sponsored by BCI, AVMA, NCBA and AABP. Watch for more information in Lifelines.

Dr. Gary Anderson, director of the KSVDL, was recently elected vice president of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. Congratulations!



New Arrivals
Merla K. Brookman - A&P
Jennifer A. Sands - DM/P-VDL
Bradley I. Galgut - DM/P
Dharmendra Maurya - A&P
Sajid Mahmood - DM/P
Megan J. Kaltinger - DM/P
Yvonne Bachura - DM/P
Debra Wilcox - DM/P
Tanya Grondin DeWitt - DM/P
Lainen Sommers - VMTH
Trevor Scholl - VMTH


Recent Departures
Debra Webb - DM/P
James B. Hackworth - DM/P


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