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Cover - Marking 100 years of graduating veterinarians
Annual conference convenes for continuing education and camaraderie

CVM honors alumni — Drs. Upson, Ingmire and Phillips

More snapshots from the 69th Annual Conference

Women GROW award from WEPAN

Dr. Dryden dedicates center

Hasta la vista, Dr. Garcia

World Rabies Day activities at K-State

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Check it Out at the Library
SLA Conference report, part I

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Dave Adams - Photographer/ITC

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Marking 100 years of graduating veterinarians

Annual conference convenes for continuing education and camaraderie

A Century of Excellence continues in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). This year, the 69th Annual Conference for Veterinarians followed the CVM’s 2005 centennial theme by recognizing its 100th year of graduating veterinarians.

“Our college enjoys many strong traditions, one of them being the annual conference, which gives us the perfect opportunity to salute our alumni,” said Dr. Ralph Richardson, dean and graduating veterinarian with the class of 1970. “The list of classes represented by this year’s attendees is quite long and impressive — the earliest being from the class of 1945. Also, a DVD video was shown at the Monday evening banquet featuring recollections of dozens of graduates from different decades.”

Copies of the DVD were given to those attending the banquet. Several awards were presented too. Click here for more on that story.

Sessions and activities

One of the primary goals of the annual conference is to provide continuing education and support to professional veterinarians. A wide variety of sessions and labs were held on important topics ranging from large and small animal health issues to global issues on disease containment and prevention. Several of the labs gave veterinarians hands-on opportunities to try new techniques and procedures.

A new feature in this year’s conference was clinical research and case study presentations, with 16 different topics for large, small and exotic animal issues.

Tours of the Kansas Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and Biosecurity Research Institute were conducted. There was also the 13th annual scholarship golf tournament, which raised more than $5,000 for CVM scholarships. The Kansas Veterinary Medicine Association held its annual trade show at the Union.

Conference highlights are featured throughout this issue of Lifelines. The Web site is: http://www.vet.k-state.edu/CE/ for more about the conference. Mark your calendar for next year’s conference, June 1-4, 2008.


Dr. David Ashford gives talk at luncheon.
Dr. David Ashford gives a talk on FMD in South America and how efforts in North America could lead the way in eradicating the disease.
Veterinarians listen in at Little Theatre presentation.
Veterinarians sitting in on one of the sessions in the Little Theatre at the Union.

Veterinarians visit trade show booth.
Veterinarians view demonstration at KVMA Trade Show.
Dr. Butch KuKanich gives presentation.
Dr. Butch KuKanich delivers session on NSAIDs.


CVM honors alumni — Drs. Upson, Ingmire and Phillips

Three of CVM’s distinguished alumni were honored at the annual conference on June 4: Drs. Dan Upson, Cecil W. Ingmire and Robert M. Phillips.

The Class of 1962 Endowment for Veterinary Medicine was established to support an ongoing lectureship to be held in honor of Dr. Upson, who is a member of the class of 1952. Dr. Upson spoke at Monday’s luncheon and introduced K-State’s new men’s head basketball coach, Frank Martin (see next page) and athletics fundraiser Chad Weiberg, who gave an update on construction projects at Bramlage Coliseum.

Dr. Ingmire received the 2007 Distinguished Alumnus Award and Dr. Phillips was named as the recipient of the 2007 E.R. Frank Award. Both awards were presented at the Heritage Evening dinner. Dr. Ingmire is a member of the class of 1947 and Dr. Phillips graduated with the class of 1951­.

Dr. Dan Upson
Dr. Dan Upson speaks at the Monday luncheon.
Dr. Robert Phillips & wife Opal receiving E.R. Frank Award from Dr. Brown
Opal and Dr. Robert Phillips receive a plaque for the E.R. Frank Award from VMAA President Elect Dr. William Brown.
Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient Dr. Cecil Ingmire and family
All in the f­amily: Dr. Cecil Ingmire holds the Distinguished Alumnus Award plaque while being flanked by (left to right) daughter Linda, wife Mary, son Dr. Wayne (DVM ‘75), and daughters Celia and Jann.


Lifelines bonus - Web site only  Scholarship honors Dr. Oehme

Dr. Fred Oehme's daughter, Deborah Oehme Rainbolt, Lawrence, Kan., made a surprise announcement at the Heritage Evening banquet. She and the Oehme family established a scholarship in honor of their father, a professor of toxicology at K-State's CVM.

The Dr. Frederick W. Oehme Scholarship in Toxicology will go to a student properly enrolled in CVM with first preference given to a graduate student doing research specific to toxicology in the Diagnostic Medicine and Pathology or the Anatomy and Physiology department. Second preference will be given to a senior student intending to work in an area of applied toxicology upon receiving his/her DVM.

Deborah Rainbolt and her father, Dr. Fred Oehme.
Deborah Oehme Rainbolt and Dr. Fred Oehme



More snapshots from the 69th Annual Conference

Several sessions and activities were held at this year’s conference. Incoming oncologist Dr. Dudley McCaw (left) makes a presentation on radiation therapy in Forum Hall at the Union. The K-State Alumni Center made a perfect gathering place for the Heritage Evening Reception and Dinner. Guests (bottom left) visited in the Alumni Center lobby before dinner. Roughly $5,000 was raised for scholarships at the 13th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament held at Colbert Hills. Dr. Mike Hodgson (bottom right), class of 1981, tees off at the fifth hole.

Guests visit at reception prior to Heritage Evening banquet.

Dr. Dudley McCaw gives presentation.

Dr. Michael Hodgson tees off.

Meet the new coach

Conference attendees heard from K-State’s new men’s head basketball coach, Frank Martin. Promoted from assistant under the former head coach, Martin expects to build on the team’s success, both on and off the court, in addition to recruiting top players to come play at K-State.


Men's Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin

Lifelines bonus - Web site only  More photos from the conference

CVM students sell stroke-reducing yarn at golf tournament
CVM students, Kabel Robbins and Sarah Weber (both class of 2009), sell yarn to Dr. Sam Graham, class of 1959, in the annual scholarship golf tournament. The yarn was used as incentive to raise extra money and reduce strokes for the golfers.

Reunion Achievement Award goes to classes of 1952 and 1967
Dr. William Brown hands out the Reunion Achievement Award to the classes of 1952 and 1967 who a tied for the highest gift participation. From left, Dr. Dan Upson, class of 1952; Dr. Brown, president elect of the VMAA; and class of 1967 representatives Dr. Robert Cartee, Dr. Darell Haeker, Dr. Roy Braum and Dr. Joe Baber.

Guests at Heritage Evening Banquet reception
The K-State Alumni Center hosted the reception and Heritage Evening Banquet. From left to right, Dr. Ralph Alter, class of 1945, Dr. Walter Cash, CVM faculty member and class of 1971, Dr. Candace Layton, president of KVMA, president of the Pet Trust Board and class of 1977, and Dr. John Noordsy, class of 1946.

Trade show photo
The KVMA hosted its annual trade show at the conference. From left to right, Dr. Gary Cowan, class of 1984, Novartis representative Traci Vrbas.

Dr. Sanderson conducts Wet Lab at conference
Dr. Mike Sanderson conducts one of the Wet Labs during the conference.

Chris Gruber joins the act with a pair of jugglers
Development Director Chris Gruber wonders how he got talked into joining the juggling act during Sunday evening's entertainment.


Dr. Freeman teaches GROW class
Dr. Lisa Freeman teaches kids at the 2006 GROW workshop.

Women GROW award from WEPAN

Lifelines bonus - Web site onlyextended version of story

CVM recently engineered an important role in helping K-State’s Girls Researching Our World (GROW) program earn national recognition. The Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network (WEPAN) presented its Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Award to the GROW program on June 12 in Orlando, Fla. Susan Arnold Christian, the Outreach Program Coordinator, accepted the award on behalf of the GROW steering committee. The steering committee includes: Drs. Kimberly Douglas (director of the Women in Engineering and Science Program; associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering ); Ruth Dyer (associate provost; professor of electrical and computer engineering ); Beth Montelone (associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences; professor of biology); Lisa Freeman (associate dean, College of Veterinary Medicine; professor of anatomy and physiology); and Jacqueline Spears (director, Center for Science Education; associate professor of secondary education).

“Last year, the College of Veterinary Medicine hosted approximately 100 middle school girls for a Saturday event called ‘All for Animal Health’ (AAH),” said Dr. Lisa Freeman, associate dean for research and graduate programs. “This event emphasized how advances in science and engineering allow veterinarians to promote animal health and human health. AAH was cited by the nominator for the WEPAN award.”

GROW also holds a three-day science, technology, engineering and mathematics camp each June. This year, CVM offered three events called: “Mending Broken Bones,” “The Heart of the Matter” and “Equine Exercise Physiology.”


Dr. Dryden dedicates center

Dr. Michael Dryden’s dedication to tick-related research has led to the June 16 dedication of a state-of-the-art research building located on the hill behind the vet med complex. The facility, sponsored by Merial, will be used for researching ticks and tick-related diseases in dogs and cats.

“This facility not only benefits me, but it will be here for the future and can be utilized by other faculty,” Dr. Dryden said. 

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Dr. Dryden's tick research facility
Dr. Dryden, front right, helps cut the ribbon at the dedication. Others in photo include (left to right): Dr. Susan Ralston, Merial; Mary Jackson, Merial; Dr. Doug Carithers, Merial; Dr. Zack Mills, Merial; Chris Gruber, CVM Development, Dr. Michael Dryden, Dr. Bart Carter, CVM, Dean Ralph Richardson, Dr. Chengappa, CVM, and K-State Provost Duane Nellis.


Hasta la vista, Dr. Garcia

Dr. Garcia with horse
Dr. Enrique Garcia Flores takes the reins on his visit from Guadalajara, Mexico, where he teaches equine theriogenology.

The VMTH recently said “Adios” to Dr. Enrique Garcia Flores, professor at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He spent five weeks at K-State updating his knowledge and skills in equine theriogenology.

Dr. Garcia worked alongside K-State equine theriogenologist Dr. Maria Ferrer, as well as students, faculty, house officers and technicians to diagnose, manage and treat a variety of relevant cases.

“Dr. Ferrer was very patient and friendly,” Dr. Garcia said. “She taught me about equine reproduction, but more importantly, showed her passion for teaching students.”

Dr. Ferrer said, “We enjoyed having Dr. Garcia with us and hope this is the beginning of a relationship that will promote collaboration and interaction between students and faculties from both universities.”



Lifelines bonus - Web site only  Whispering Garden gets 'blasted'

New brick sandblasted in Whispering Garden.

The Whispering Garden received a new addition on May 31, when a memorial brick was sandblasted for a beloved pet.


Lifelines bonus - Web site only  KSVDL offers new test for BVDV

The Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) will be the first laboratory in the United States to use a newly developed, highly sensitive test to accurately detect bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV).

For cattle producers, the virus causes economic losses through decreased weight gains, decreased milk production, reproductive losses and death. It is estimated that 80 percent of cattle in this country have been exposed to BVDV, and that 70 to 90 percent of infections go undetected, without visible symptoms.

The KSVDL, part of K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, recently completed training in the administration of this innovative test. “We’re very pleased to provide the BVDV test to veterinarians and producers of Kansas and surrounding states,” said Dr. Gary Anderson, KSVDL director. “Prior technology was viewed as too difficult, unreliable or too costly to run in a high throughput environment. This program truly complements the wide range of diagnostic services we provide for all species.”

Read more here: http://www.vet.k-state.edu/index/2007/bvdv_ksvdl.htm


World Rabies Day logoIndividuals within the CVM are planning the first annual “Run 4 Rabies” in conjunction with World Rabies Day on Sept. 8, 2007.

SCAVMA, Kansas State Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory, the new International Club and other students and faculty are organizing a 5K “Run 4 Rabies” in Manhattan for Sunday, Sept. 9. Also in the works is a concert highlighting local talent and food vendors, while materials to promote rabies education and animal-bite prevention will be distributed. The events will be held in CICO Park, county fair grounds from 12-4 p.m. Contact Mylissia Stukey at mstukey@vet.k-state.edu for more info.


Under the microscope: Dave Adams, Photographer/ITC

Dave AdamsPlace of birth: Phillipsburg, Kan.

Place of birth: Family information: Wife, Carol, and son, Grant

Pets: Max and Molly, golden retriever/lab mixUnder the microscope logo

Favorite toy as a child? Bicycle

Best movie you’ve seen in the past year: Wild Hogs

Describe your perfect weekend: Boating and camping at the lake

Favorite season: Fall, because of all the color

Most enjoyable class in high school: Woodworking

If money were no object, what would you do with your life? Travel the world photographing everything of interest

Words to live by: Don’t take any wooden nickels!



Check it Out at the Library: SLA Conference report, part I

Carol Elmoreby Carol Elmore

Cindy Logan and I recently attended the Special Library Association (SLA) Conference in Denver. SLA has information professionals who work with varied clients. The commonality that they share is providing specialized, individualized library/information services to scientific, business, medical and corporate communities as well as other diverse groups such as divinity schools, military and defense contractors to name a few groups represented.     

At the opening conference session, Cindy and I heard Al Gore, who stated that the evidence that global warming is occurring is irrefutable. He is contributing all his energies and resources to reverse and mend the effects of the warming on our planet. When asked by a member of the audience about running for president in 2008, Gore replied that he had larger goals for himself right now and campaigning would deter these goals. He encouraged audience members to join his group of 1,000 Americans trained to deliver his slide show called “The Climate Project,” based on his Oscar-winning movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” See http://www.sla.org/content/Events/conference/ac2007/conference/keynoters/algore/video.cfm for an Al Gore video.

We also heard Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon series. Adams first worked in the corporate world, but realized after 20 years that he was not on the corporate track to advancement. He dabbled in cartooning, but wasn’t successful until United Feature Syndicate picked up his cartoon series for nationwide distribution. He showed us many examples of his cartoons that were pulled from publication because his editors felt they would be offensive for various reasons. Of course, Scott always managed to redo or apologize in his humorous, but biting and deeply insightful manner.

Next month I’ll be sharing more of the specific information that we received at the conference.


CVM News Ticker

Dr. Dan Thomson spoke to the Southwest Iowa Cattle Raisers, in Red Oak, Iowa, on June 11. He also spoke to 40 practitioners in Kansas City on June 12 and at Pfizer in Des Moines, Iowa on June 13.

Dr. Armbrust spoke at the ACVIM Conference in Seattle on June 7, 8 and 9 on feline and canine ultrasound labs and techniques in radiography and imaging.

Dr. Hodgson is assisting the faculty of veterinary medicine in Kabul University, Afghanistan, beginning this month for a six-month period. He will be teaching veterinary students about providing diagnostic and clinical service and helping with curriculum development. We wish Dr. Hodgson the best of luck and look forward to his return.

Dr. Hans Coetzee spoke at the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands Farmers Day in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, on June 10 and at the Livestock Health and Production Conference in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 21 and 22.

Dr. Greg Grauer attended the “Summit Meeting” held by the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society in Vail, Colo., on June 22. He presented 11 hours on Upper and Lower Urinary Tract Disorders at the Georgia State Summer Meeting in Ponte Verde, Fla., on June 28 and 29.


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