Ordering Procedures


CaTS personnel are available to help you with your computer and related purchases and can work with you to find equipment that will serve your needs. While each department handles purchase requests differently, the following guidelines are offered to help streamline the process for you.

  1. Contact the CaTS Hotline at 2-4725, and indicate that you wish to discuss purchasing options. If a technician is not immediately available, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Be sure to indicate the funding source so that state purchasing guidelines are followed as necessary. Links to current state contract items can be found at the CaTS web site at http://www.vet.k-state.edu/depts/cats.

  2. After discussing your needs with you, the CaTS technician can make a recommendation and give you a price quote. You may then fill out the necessary departmental paperwork and forward it to CaTS, Room 4 Trotter Hall for processing. When ordering through CaTS, please try to have all orders signed by the department or unit head, and include the funding account number and a funding source contact person.

  3. CaTS will process the order, receive and verify the shipment, provide any setup or configuration, and deliver your order to your office. Invoices will be sent to CaTS, and forwarded to the appropriate business office.