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Work-At-Home Software


Our Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions License (EES) allows us to offer limited Work-at-Home (WAH) rights to eligible* faculty and staff, and to our veterinary students. These limited rights permit the use of select Microsoft applications and systems on a personally-owned computer for work/school-related purposes.

Electronic software distribution services are offered by Microsoft’s authorized Digital Distribution Service Provider (Kivuto Solutions), who have set up an on-line web store to facilitate the distribution of WAH software and any keys necessary for activating individual products.  Besides licensed Microsoft products, the web store also offers many other software titles at significant discounts to eligible* users.  All software on the KSUCVM WAH web store is meant for work/school-related use on personally-owned devices only.  By downloading and using software from the KSUCVM web store, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the WAH License Agreement (PDF).

To access the web store, simply click on the link below.  You may wish to bookmark the link for future reference.  Before purchasing, you will need to sign-in to the site using your CVM username and password for authentication and verification of eligibility.

*Employees who do not use college-owned computers in their normal work activities, or who are employed on a less than 4-tenths basis are not included in the FTE count for licensing purposes and are ineligible for work-at-home rights.  If you have questions concerning your eligibility, please see the Dean’s Business Office.