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Fluoroskan Ascent FL

Fluoroskan Ascent FL










(Fluoroskan Ascent FL)
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The Fluoroskan Ascent FL from Labsystems is a microplate fluorometer equipped with both fluorometric and luminometric detection technologies. The instrument is fully computer controlled. The Ascent Software controls all the reader functions and provides the features needed to make comprehensive calculations and reports. The ability of the instrument to dispense the solution and simultaneously measure light emissions enables the detection of flash luminescence reactions, fluorometric Ca2+ measurements and other rapid kinetic applications. It also has built-in functions of temperature control and orbital shaking. The applications of Fluoroskan Ascent FL include:

1. High through-put fluorescence quantitation.
2. Quantitation of fluorescence dye labeling in cultured cells.

Hardware Note: 

The instrument is equipped with a power ON/OFF switch and a three color LED indicator. When the instrument is switched ON, the color indicates the state of the instrument:

  • Green : Ready and waiting for command

  • Orange : Busy, executing a command

  • Red : Error



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