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Research at Veterinary Medicine

The department has a fundamental role in acquiring new knowledge to further our understanding of animal and human physiology and pathophysiology. To maximize our resources and foster collaborative interactions, we have established four research focus groups. They are Cardiovascular and Pulmonary physiology, Immunophysiology, Neuroscience, and Pharmacology. In most cases, faculty have research interests that fall under more than one group.

Research programs in these groups investigate their respective topics through integrating studies at the isolated tissue or cellular level to whole organ or animal function. Programmatic strengths of these groups include an actively shared system of well-equipped laboratories and excellent support personnel, mutually supportive technical and conceptual expertise, and interrelated but diverse extramural funding sources.

Department Common-Use Laboratories

The Department of Anatomy and Physiology supports several common use laboratories:  The Cell Biology Facility, and the Image Analysis Facility.  All house state-of-the-art research and teaching equipment.

|Cell/Molecular Biology Facility | Image Analysis Facility | Center for Epithelial Research |

Center for Epithelial Research

Cell/Molecular Biology Facility



Cell/Molecular Biology Facility


  • Single tube/plate luminometer
  • Millipure water purifier
  • Liquid nitrogen supply
  • Cytospin centrifuge
  • Quantitative PCR thermocyclers and SmartCycler

Additional equipment in dept.

  • IEF cell
  • Spectrophotometer
  • 2D Gel Analysis Software
  • Beckman Tabletop Ultracentrifuge



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Center for Epithelial Research
Supervisor Dr. Daniel Marcus

Common-use equipment and facilities purchased and supported by the KSU COBRE grant include:

Email Dr. Marcus for more information about Center for Epithelial Research

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Image Analysis Facility
Supervisor Dr. Mark Weiss

Image Analysis Lab


The image analysis facility houses a Leica DMRD microscope with brightfield, darkfield, phase and epifluorescence capabilities and three-axis stage encoding. The microscope is setup for modern immunofluorescence work and has an extensive list of fluorescence filter cubes for multiple labeling applications. The microscope has a camera system with two 35mm camera backs and an Optronics DEI 870 color camera. The Optronics camera is used for electronically capturing images for documentation or for analysis using the R&M Biometrics Bioquant True Color Windows image analysis system. The image analysis software has stereology and three-dimensional reconstruction capabilities built-in.

In addition, the image analysis facility houses a computer workstation with attached scanner and one of the two departmental color laser printers.

Email Dr. Mark Weiss for more information about using the Image Analysis Facility

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