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Graduate Program

The Department of Anatomy and Physiology offers opportunities for graduate studies leading to a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Cell and systemic physiology, immunophysiology, neuroscience, and pharmacology are the major themes of research of the department. Specific areas of interest include comparative exercise physiology, food animal immunophysiology, molecular biology of membranes, molecular genetics and gene mapping and expression, neural control of cardiovascular function, ion channel structure and function, and transport processes and pathophysiology of microcirculation. Faculty from other departments comprise a strong ancillary support group. Career options available with an advanced degree in anatomy or physiology include academic positions in various animal and human health science-related institutions such as Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, as well as positions in industry and agribusiness.

The Master of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences is a College-wide program. More information can be found on the VBS website.

The Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine is a Professional program administered through the College of Veterinary Medicine. More information can be found on the K-State DVM website.


To be admitted with full standing, the applicant must have an average of B or better in the junior and senior years, a bachelor's or veterinary medical degree from an approved institution, and adequate undergraduate preparation in the proposed field.

This degree requires 90-hours of graduate study, including 30-hours of research. For those currently holding a master’s degree, up to 30-hours of graduate hours can be applied to the doctorate program. For DVM candidates, if 12 hours of dual credit has not been applied to the Master of Science degree, it may be applied toward the PhD.

All applicants must identify and be accepted by a mentor from our graduate faculty before their application will be considered.


Department of Anatomy and Physiology graduate courses

Kansas State University Graduate School Application process