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Michael Kenney


Michael J. Kenney

PhD, Exercise Physiology, University of Iowa, 1988

Head and Professor
Coles Hall 2227
Phone: (785) 532-4315 

VIDEO - Dr. Michael Kenney's presentation, candidate for Professor and Department Head of Anatomy & Physiology






Research Interests:

The long-term objective of the research in our laboratory is to determine how sympathetic nerve regulation is altered by pathophysiological states, environmental and immune stress, and aging. Recent work completed in this laboratory supports the concept that central sympathetic neural networks regulate three important functional characteristics of efferent sympathetic nerve discharge: 1) the basal level of activity, 2) the bursting pattern, and 3) the relationships between discharges in regionally-selective sympathetic nerves. By altering these functional characteristics, the sympathetic nervous system plays a critical role in maintaining physiological homeostasis and mediating physiological responses to acute physical stress. Current experiments are designed to determine central neural mechanisms involved in regulating efferent sympathetic nerve outflow. A more complete understanding of the organization of central sympathetic neural circuits is critical for determining the role of the sympathetic nervous system in physiological regulation and disease processes.

Selected Publications:

Kenney MJ, B Larsen, RM McMurphy, D Mason, and RJ Fels.  Dexmedetomidine and regulation of splenic sympathetic nerve discharge.  Autonomic Neuroscience:  Basic and Clinical.   7-MAR-2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.autneu.2014.02.009.

Kenney MJ and CK Ganta.  Autonomic Nervous System and Immune System Interactions.  Comprehensive Physiology.  In Press, March 2014.

Kenney MJ, CK Ganta, and RJ Fels.  Disinhibition of RVLM Neural Circuits and Regulation of Sympathetic Nerve Discharge at Peak Hyperthermia. J Appl Physiol 115: 1297-1303, 2013.

Copp SW, DM Hirai, GE Sims, RJ Fels, TI Musch, DC Poole, and MJ Kenney.  Neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibition and regional sympathetic nerve discharge: implications for peripheral vascular control.  Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology.  2013 May 1; 186(3):285-289, 2013.

Kenney MJ and LJ Mosher.  Translational physiology and SND recordings in humans and rats: A glimpse of the recent past with an eye on the future.  Autonomic Neuroscience:  Basic and Clinical.  176: 5-10, 2013. 

Kenney MJ, LJ Mosher, and RJ Fels.  Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin induces complex changes in sympathetic nerve discharge Regulation.  Autonomic Neuroscience:  Basic and Clinical.  170: 66-69, 2012.

Garcia AA, RJ Fels, and MJ KenneyBacillus anthracis lethal toxin alters regulation of visceral sympathetic nerve discharge.  J Appl Physiol 112: 1033-1040, 2012.

Kenney MJ, CN Meyer, KG Hosking, and RJ Fels.  Is visceral sympathoexcitation to heat stress dependent on activation of ionotropic excitatory amino acid receptors in the rostral ventral lateral medulla?  Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol 301(2): R548-R557, 2011.

Kenney MJ.  Animal aging and regulation of sympathetic nerve discharge.  J Appl Physiol 109 (4): 951-958, 2010.  

Margiocco ML, M Borgarelli, TI Musch, DM Hirai, KS Hageman, RJ Fels, AA Garcia, and MJ Kenney.  Effects of combined aging and heart failure on visceral sympathetic nerve and cardiovascular responses to progressive hyperthermia in F344 rats.  Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol  299: R1555-R1563, 2010.