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Kansas State University


Jim E. Riviere


Jim E. Riviere
Department of Anatomy and Physiology

University Distinguished Professor,
MacDonald Endowed Chair in Veterinary Medicine,
Kansas Bioscience Eminent Scholar,
Director, Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine (ICCM)

Department of Anatomy and Physiology,
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine (IOM), 

DVM, PhD, 1980, Purdue University
D. Sc., 2007, Purdue University

Certara Establishes the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine as the latest Phoenix® Center of Excellence

Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine (ICCM) website

Assistant or Associate Professor, Faculty Cluster Hire at Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine


Research Interests:

Mathematical modeling of drug, chemical and nanomaterial disposition
Global Aspects of Food and Drug Safety
Comparative pharmacokinetics and prediction of drug residues in tissues of food producing animals
Pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics of drug and xenobiotic percutaneous absorption and transdermal drug delivery
            Development of in vivo and in vitro animal models for skin pharmacology
            Develop QSAR models for assessing chemical mixture absorption
            Develop models to study absorption and disposition of nanomaterials

Selected Publications:

Riviere JE: Comparative Pharmacokinetics: Principles, Techniques and Applications. 2nd Edition, Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, IA. 2011.

Riviere JE, Papich M (eds): Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 9th Edition. Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, IA . 2009.

Xia XX, Monteiro-Riviere NA, Riviere JE: An index for characterization of nanomaterials in biological systems. Nature Nanotechnology. 5: 671-675, 2010.

Riviere JE, Brooks JD: Predicting skin permeability from complex chemical mixtures:  Dependency of quantitative structure permeability relationships (QPSR) on biology of skin model used. Toxicological Sciences. 119: 224-232, 2011.

Xia XR, Monteiro-Riviere NA, Mathur S, Oldenberg S, Fadell B, Riviere JE. Mapping the surface adsorption forces of nanomaterials in biological systems using the biological surface adsorption index (BSAI) approach. ACS Nano 5: 9074-9081, 2011.

Leavens TL, Tell LA, Clothier KA, Griffith KA, Baynes RE, Riviere JE: Development of physiological based pharmacokinetic  model to predict tulathromycin distribution in goats.J. Vet. Pharmacol. Therap. 35: 121-131, 2012.

Samaras EG, Riviere JE, Ghafourian T: The effects of formulations and experimental conditions on in vitro human skin penetration – Data from updated EDETOX database. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 434: 280-291, 2012.

Riviere JE, Leavens TL, Brooks JD, Monteiro-Riviere NA. Acute vascular effects of nanoparticle infusion in isolated perfused skin. Nanomedicine. 8: 428-431, 2012.