Administrative Officer
Alumni Affairs
Phone: 785-532-4043



Work for the Dean and directly under the direction of the Director of Development and the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association in promoting the College of Veterinary Medicine and its programs at Kansas State University.

  • VMAA - Assist the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association’s Executive Board in organizing two-three board meetings each year, coordinating the annual business meeting, administering the VMAA annual and lifetime dues, initiating award candidate nominations and compiling information for award selection, promoting alumni programs, organizing alumni events, and compiling and distributing news on the alumni website and in the college’s quarterly newsletter, Healing Hands.

  • Five-Year Reunions - Administer and coordinate 10-12 class reunions that occur the weekend prior to the Annual Conference for Veterinarians.

  • Heritage Evening – Work with the college’s Dean, VMAA Executive Board, and Director of Continuing Education and its CE Committee on hosting a banquet held in conjunction with the Annual Conference for Veterinarians.  The Dean MCEES the evening, there is entertainment, and the VMAA Executive Board is given a platform for association business and to present three VMAA awards at this collaborative event. 

  • Class Biography Booklet – Initiate, compile, and process data on each alumni returning for their Five-Year Reunion to make available to them and for class files.

  • Alumni Achievement Award – Facilitate a competition between returning reunion classes to encourage annual giving to the college and promote class initiatives in a manageable five-year rotation.

  • K-State Alumni Receptions - Secure accommodations and plan eight K-State Alumni Receptions held annually in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association, Central Veterinary Conference, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Southwest Veterinary Symposium, California Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Equine Practitioners, North American Veterinary Conference, and Western Veterinary Conference. Alumni Recognition Awards are selected by the VMAA Executive Board and presented at five of these receptions. 

  • Cat Town U.S.A. – Assist the Dean and Director of Development in coordinating Cat Town tailgates held at each of the home football games with oversight by the VMAA Executive Board.

  • Kansas State University and the KSU Alumni Association Alumni Fellow Program – Coordinate with the dean and university to welcome the Alumni Fellow upon his/her visit to the College of Veterinary Medicine to receive his/her Alumni Fellow Award. This award is presented in February of each year.

  • Distinguished Alumnus, E. R. Frank, and Outstanding Young Alumnus Awards - Assist the Executive Board of the VMAA in the selection process and presentation of these awards. They are presented during the weekend of the college’s Five-Year Reunions and the Annual Conference for Veterinarians in June at Heritage Evening.

  • Alumni Recognition Awards - Assist the Executive Board of the VMAA in the selection process and presentation of awards at five of the K-State Alumni Receptions that we participate in annually.

  • Alumni Records – Maintain and manage the college’s alumni data program in collaboration with the K-State Alumni Association along with class files and other alumni records. Responsible for entering, updating data, and coding data and doing selected data pulls for mailers and reports.


  • Assist the Senior Director of Development and the Administrator for development in running a multifaceted office and coordinating events.