Class of 1973


Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1973

Left to right:

Back Row: Charles R. Boreson, Lawrence O. Pultz, Galen E. Ericson, Henry “Hank” A. Reuter, and Fred F. Johnson;

Fourth Row: Phillip C. Robinson, Richard C. North, Gary R. Stallings, Charles W. Hickey, Richard W. Jakimer, James L. Holterman, and Fred L. Moss;

Third Row: David A. Reid, Richard D. Jamison, Gregory S. Hammer, Charles M. Spinelli, David D. Simmons, and Stephen R. Maxwell;

Second Row: Harlyn G. McGuire, Stephen P. Bishop, Richard H. Heersche, Kenneth L. Ewy, Edward L. Funk, and John R. Johnson;

Front Row: Roger W. Gfeller, Andrew L. Martinsen, Ronald G. Kenton, Jerald C. Katzer, and Duane N. Tinkler.