Veterinary Medical Alumni Association


Justin Janssen
President of the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association

Justin Janssen

Chances are high that if you are reading this, you are attending one of the many Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine alumni receptions at a major continuing education conference.

Your membership in and support of your KSU Veterinary Medical Alumni Association helps to support these receptions, recognition of outstanding role model veterinary colleagues, provide opportunities to network,  and catch up on what is happening at KSU CVM!

At these gatherings of KSU alumni, either at a major meeting or at Cat Town prior to a home football game, you feel the common bonds of veterinary medicine and KSU.  At a recent Cat Town I had the opportunity to visit with a third year vet school student who is excited to take her career as a veterinarian helping animals and people to an international level.  I turned around and had a great conversation with a seasoned veterinary colleague who remembers his first use of a career “break thru” drug or procedure.  I and you too, can learn from both and feel blessed to be part of our respected profession.

I encourage you to first become active in your VMAA with the payment of dues which add to the VMAA Endowment Fund.  Earnings from your investment help underwrite these alumni gatherings and promote the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  Secondly, we seek your input and nominations of fellow KSU colleagues who deserve recognition.  We value your suggestions, and we hope you enjoy this opportunity to share with KSU alumni and friends.