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Equine Medicine, Surgery & Theriogenology Internship


The equine internship at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center includes participation in equine surgery, medicine, and field service.  Clinical specialists will serve as mentors for interns in the Equine Section. 

Interns focus on providing clinical service under the supervision of senior clinicians, and in learning through consultation with radiologists, pathologists and other clinical and basic science specialists.  Interns are encouraged to interact with their clinical mentors to set additional personal goals, such as case studies, case reports, and participation in ongoing research.  Interns will not be enrolled in graduate programs nor do they take graduate courses.  As part of the interns' assignment, it is anticipated that interns will remain in the hospital overnight when required for care of intensive care cases.   All interns will participate in the delivery of after hours emergency care on a rotating basis, under the support and direction of senior residents and faculty.

The intern must be physically present for orientation on the first day of the program.

The Veterinary Health Center is a modern, spacious facility on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.  The University is in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas with numerous recreational opportunities available.

Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer.  A background check will be required of all successful applicants prior to employment at Kansas State University. KSU actively seeks diversity among its employees.

Intern and resident candidates are selected through the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) Veterinary Intern and Resident Matching Program (VIRMP). Information about position availability, program descriptions and forms needed to apply can be found at the VIRMP web site.