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Kansas State University



Faculty - Alphabetical

(Listing by Section)


Akers, Jennifer Small Animal Medicine
Apley, Michael D.
Section Head
Agricultural Practices (Production Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology)
Armbrust, Laura Diagnostic Radiology
Artzer, Marjory Assistant Professor (Pet Health Center)
Bagladi-Swanson, Mary Small Animal Medicine (Dermatology)
Beard, Laurie Equine (Internal Medicine)
Beard, Warren Equine Surgery
Biller, David
Section Head
Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasound
Blevins, Chris Equine Field Service
Blevins, Lindsey The Pet Health Center
Carpenter, James W. Exotic, Wildlife & Zoo Animal Medicine
Davis, Beth
Section Head
Equine (Internal Medicine)
Durant, April
Small Animal Surgery
Eshar, David Exotic, Wildlife & Zoo Animal Medicine
Ferrer, Maria Theriogenology
Fingland, Roger B.
Hospital Director
Small Animal Surgery (Cardiovascular & Soft Tissue)
Fraser, Brandon Agricultural Practices
Grauer, Greg Small Animal Medicine
Hallman, Clay Small Animal Emergency Medicine
Harkin, Kenneth
Section Head
Small Animal Medicine (Internal Medicine)
Higginbotham, Mary Lynn Oncology
Hodgson, David  Anesthesiology
Klocke, Emily Small Animal Surgery
KuKanich, Kate Small Animal Internal Medicine
Laflin, Shelie Agricultural Practices (Medicine & Surgery)
Larson, Robert Food Animal Production Medicine (Edgar E. and M. Elizabeth Coleman Chair)
Mason, Diane Anesthesiology
McCaw, Dudley Oncology
McMurphy, Rose M.
Section Head
Miesner, Matt Agricultural Practices
Nelson, Susan C. The Pet Health Center
Rankin, Amy Ophthalmology
Rankin, David Anesthesiology
Renberg, Walter C.
Section Head
Small Animal Surgery (Ortho)
Roush, James K.
Small Animal Surgery (Ortho)
Rush, Bonnie
Department Head, DCS
Equine (Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Immunology & Neurological Diseases)
Schermerhorn, Thomas Small Animal Medicine
Schrag, Nora Agricultural Practices
Slack, Jessica Ophthalmology
Thomason, Justin D Small Animal Medicine (Cardiology)
Thomason, Sasha Small Animal Emergency Medicine
Thomson, Daniel Agricultural Practices (Medicine & Surgery)
White, Brad J. Agricultural Practices