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Making an Appointment


Making an Appointment | What to Expect | Payment Policy


Making an Appointment
To make an appointment please call (785) 532-5700

The KSU Equine Medical Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Appointments are preferred. Open 24 hours for emergencies.

Directions and maps to the Large Animal Hospital

What to Expect

Large animal receiving area

Upon arrival a team of doctors, technicians and students will assess your horse and ask several questions. This is an opportunity for us to learn about your animal's past and current medical problems and to make certain our medical records are complete. Students are involved in each case, because our entire hospital is a classroom! However, all aspects of your animal's health care will be performed or directly supervised by our clinical faculty with specialty training and certification in each equine discipline.

Once a health care plan has been identified, the plan and options will be presented to you and a treatment plan will be outlined. Please ask any questions you have about the treatments, options and costs associated with the care of your horse.

Upon discharge, follow-up instructions will be provided for the continued care of your horse and if a follow-up appointment is need, the appointment can be scheduled. Your veterinarian will receive telephone and written communication from the staff veterinarian regarding the diagnostic plan, test results, treatment, and prognosis.

Our Payment Policy
We are dedicated to helping our clients care for their animals and realize that payment for treatment often is a concern. In general, our fees for routine patient care are similar to those of private veterinary hospitals. Specialty services require equipment and supplies that can be costly.

The State of Kansas does not provide funding specifically for the treatment of client-owned animals at the Veterinary Health Center. The major portion of the Veterinary Health Center operating budget including expenses for faculty and classified staff salaries, drugs, supplies, feed, laboratory services and operational expenses are generated from fees for client services. Consequently, it is imperative that we collect appropriate fees for service.

A deposit of approximately 60% of the estimate is required before treatment is initiated. Payment in full by cash, check, MasterCard or Visa is due upon termination of the office visit, completion of the ambulatory call or release of the patient from the hospital. The hospital business officer will be happy to discuss payment options.

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