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Kansas State University

Fecal Exams


Fecal exams play an important role in the maintenance of your petís good health. Pets under a year of age should have 3-4 fecal exams performed throughout their first year of life. Adult animals should have a minimum of 2 fecal exams performed per year as part of their wellness regimen. Additional fecal exams may be necessary for your adult pet depending on environmental exposure and the use/type of preventives. Fecal exams are an essential diagnostic test for any animal exhibiting diarrhea, weight loss or vomiting so it is a good idea to bring a fresh stool sample with you to your petís appointment.

Optimal results depend on the quality of the stool sample provided. A stool specimen should be less than 24 hours old and be kept refrigerated (NOT FROZEN) until submitted. It is best to have at least a teaspoon of feces for submission to the lab. It does not matter if leaves, debris or litter is mixed in with the sample. Make sure the sample is truly fecal matter and not a clump of urine if you are using clumping type litter for your cat

*There are some intestinal parasites that are best detected in a fresh, non-refrigerated stool sample. Your veterinarian will let you know if that is necessary.

Fecal samples can be submitted to the KSU-VHC Small Animal Receiving Desk M-F between the hours of 8AM and 3PM. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 785-532-5690