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Millis, B. J. (Magna Publications). (October 30, 2012). Using group work to promote deep learning [ Online Seminar CD].

Using Group Work to Promote Deep Learning
Group work can often be a frustrating experience for students and professors. However, it can also be a powerful way to reinforce course concepts and promote understanding.

In Using Group Work to Promote Deep Learning, Barbara J. Millis prepares you to revise your course design to include out-of-class independent learning activities as well as in-class teamwork to improve comprehension and overall student learning in any subject, discipline, or course. During this 60-minute presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Incorporate out-of-class learning into course design
  • Use discussions and student-centered activities during class to help students process their out-of-class learning
  • Implement cooperative learning principles and practices, including classroom management techniques
  • Actively involve students in the learning process.

Learn how cooperative learning can change your instructional approach and your students’ academic outcomes. You and your students will be glad you did.