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Shibley, I. (Producer). (Magna Publications). Ten ways to improve blended course design [Online Seminar CD].

Ten Ways to Improve Blended Course Design
Blended course design combines online learning and F2F instruction. This seminar shows you why blended course design is an effective option for today’s educational institutions.
Blended Course Design:

  • Solves physical space issues. With capital construction projects put on hold, blended course design can help you work effectively with the space you have, while allowing for enrollment growth.
  • Enables students to work more and enjoy greater flexibility. Tuition costs continue to increase, which is driving more students into the workplace. Blended course design provides them with the flexibility they need to hold down a job while still pursuing and education.
  • Provides today’s most effective education model. A 2009 Department of Education report suggested that blended course design offers the greatest change for student success in a course.
  • Is an expected choice for a new generation of students. Today’s student is online, and expects their services to be on-demand. This is a format readily accepted and expected by new students.