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Kansas State University



Dr. David Hodgson




David Hodgson, DVM, DACVA
Professor, Anesthesiology

Phone: 785-532-5690




Professional Training:

  • DVM: Kansas State University
  • Residency: University of California-Davis


  • Veterinary Surgery I (3rd year)
  • Veterinary Surgery II (3rd year)
  • Clinical Anesthesia (4th year)


  • Novel methods of delivering inhaled anesthetics to a wide variety of animals
  • Design and testing of anesthesia machines and ventilation assist devices
  • Methods to reduce morbidity and mortality in anesthetized veterinary patients
  • Cardiopulmonary function during alterations of inspired oxygen concentration in anesthetized horses


Anesthesia equipment design, testing, and consultation are clinical interests for Dr. Hodgson. Special emphasis is placed on novel methods to deliver safe, controlled, and economical methods of producing anesthesia and analgesia to clinical patients. Dr. Hodgson has a recognized expertise in anesthesia equipment design and frequently consults on a national basis. Ventilation support devices are an additional combined clinical and research focus. Anesthesia patient safety, morbidity and mortality reduction through equipment configuration has been a long term interest and area of activity.

Selected Publications