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Kansas State University


Dr. James Carpenter 


James W Carpenter, MS, DVM, DACZM
Professor, Zoological Medicine



Phone: 785-532-5690




Professional Training:

  • Bachelor of Science:  Cornell University (Wildlife Conservation)
  • Master of Science:  Oklahoma State University (Wildlife Ecology)
  • DVM:  Oklahoma State University


  • Exotic Animal Medicine (3rd year)
  • Zoological Medicine (3rd year)
  • Topics in Global Veterinary Medicine (2nd and 3rd year)
  • Exotic Animal, Wildlife, and Zoo Animal Medicine (Clinical Rotations - 4th year)


  • Pharmacokinetics of selected antibiotics and analgesics in exotic animals
  • Medicine and management of captive exotic animals
  • Physiologic and pathologic characteristics of selected species
  • Parasites and diseases of exotic animals, wildlife, and zoo animals


Dr. Carpenter’s interests revolve around the training of veterinary students and interns in the medicine, captive management, and diseases of both companion exotic animals, wildlife, and zoo animals.

Selected Publications