Associate Dean for Research


Dr. Frank Blecha



Frank Blecha, PhD

University Distinguished Professor
Associate Dean for Research

Phone (785) 532-4537




  • Work with K-State College of Veterinary Medicine faculty and trainees to develop and sustain programs that are regionally relevant and internationally recognized.

  • Support the independent and collaborative research efforts of College faculty and trainees

  • Advance the research capabilities and reputation of the College through interactions with industry, government and commodity groups

  • Enhance graduate and post-doctoral training opportunities at the College



B.S.    University of Idaho, 1971
M.S.    University of Idaho, 1977
Ph.D.  Washington State University, 1981



American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Immunologists
American Association of Veterinary Immunologists
American College of Veterinary Microbiologists
American Society of Animal Science
Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Society for Leukocyte Biology


Selected Publications:

Sang, Y., W. Brichalli, R.R.R. Rowland and F. Blecha. 2014. Genome-wide analysis of antiviral signature genes in porcine macrophages at different activation statuses. PLoS One. 5;9(2):e87613.

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