CEEZAD BSL-3 Training/Transboundry Animal Disease Summer Program

Due by 5 p.m. CDT, Monday, March 9, 2020

I. Background and Contact Information

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Please provide the contact information at which you can be reached during the application process. If any contact information changes, please notify us by email or postal mail.

Applicant Contact Information
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II. Education and Experience

Please append to this application a resumé or CV that includes the following information:

A) Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Include all Technical Schools, Community Colleges and Universities/Colleges you have attended, the years of attendance, major field of study or degree obtained and cumulative GPA. (Transcripts from each institution must be submitted with your application.)

B) Work Experience: Include paid and volunteer employment, years of service and brief description of duties.

C) Research Experience: Include position, years of service and brief description of duties.

D) Academic Awards and Honors (including fellowships)

E) Student/Professional Memberships

F) Publications (peer reviewed, presentations, posters)


III. Statement of Educational and Professional Goals

Please provide an essay describing your educational and professional goals. How will participation in this program benefit your career goals?
Use Arial 11 pt. font and limit your response to one page maximum.


IV. References

Please ask two individuals familiar with your academic preparation and your technical abilities to submit letters of reference on your behalf directly to Letters must be received by the submission deadline of Monday, March 2, 2020. Please list the names of your references below. Relatives should not be asked to submit a reference.

Name: Organization:
Name: Organization:

V. Transcripts

Attach all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. An “unofficial” scan of official document is sufficient.

Not all attachments need to be used. Example: If you have 4 transcripts, only use 4 out of the 6 attachment buttons. Only insert documents related to transcripts.

Please include: "Transcript_Name_of_School" as filename if transcripts.