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Job Book For Oklahoma

Date Posted: 9/29/2016
Contact Person: Kristi Hess
Practice Name: The City of Oklahoma City
Address: 420 West Main Ste 110
City: Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone 405-297-2530
Fax: 405-297-2137
Email: kristi.hess@okc.gov
Web Site: http://www.okc.gov/

This position is located in the Animal Welfare Division of the Development Services Department with the City of Oklahoma City and is under the direction of the Animal Welfare Superintendent. The Veterinarian is responsible for supervising, coordinating, and monitoring the veterinary medicine program and related functions. The Veterinarian is also responsible for the City of Oklahoma City's compliance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations governing veterinary medicine. Essential job functions include: overseeing the health and care of animals in the facility; coordinating professional and technical veterinary staff functions, training, and work activities; providing preventative, diagnostic and medical treatment and surgeries for impounded, quarantined, foster, sick and/or injured domestic, exotic or wild animals and livestock; performing emergency care and surgeries; assisting with animal cruelty situations to include performing cruelty examinations and traveling to testify in court; administering the ongoing animal health care and spay/neuter programs; assisting with the development of animal care protocols; overseeing euthanasia protocols and practices; serving as consultant for animal welfare staff; and providing direct supervision to laboratory personnel engaged in animal treatment work activities and other staff as assigned. The Veterinarian has frequent contact, which often requires travel, to meet with citizens, City employees, volunteers, and outside agency representatives, as well as representatives from State and Federal agencies, and other municipalities. Work is reviewed by the Animal Welfare Superintendent for compliance with applicable procedures and regulations.