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College of Veterinary Medicine

Job Book For New Hampshire

Date Posted: 1/18/2017
Contact Person: Dr. Alyssa E. Warneke
Practice Name: Myhre Equine Clinic and Cocheco Veterinary Hospital
Email: myhreequine@gmail.com
Practice Type: Large
Job Type: Internship

We are a 5-doctor equine referral and surgical center (Myhre Equine Clinic) and 4-doctor small animal hospital (Cocheco Veterinary Hospital) in southern New Hampshire. Due to inadvertent omission, our internship announcement was not included in the AAEP Job Avenues directory. This has recently been updated. If you are interested in applying to our internship, please visit AAEP Job Avenues or AVMA Veterinary Career Center for additional information. You may also contact us directly at myhreequine@gmail.com