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College of Veterinary Medicine

Job Book For Minnesota

Date Posted: 3/27/2017
Contact Person: Dr. Dan
Phone 763-443-2734
Email: rdlittlebug@msn.com
Practice Type: Small
Job Type: Associate

I need some help!  I have 3 doctors that want to retire this year.  We are a 4 clinic, 10 doctor, small animal practice, in rural Central Minnesota.  We are an hour west of the Twin Cities. We have digital radiography, and full labs, in each of our clinics.  If you have a special area of interest in veterinary medicine, that is encouraged.  With 4 clinics there is a referral system within.  Give me a call at 763-443-2734 or email me at rdlittlebug@msn.com.  Dr. Dan.

Date Posted: 3/23/2017
Contact Person: Barb Sell
Practice Name: La Crescent Animal Care
Address: 204 S. Walnut St.
City: La Crescent, MN 55947
Phone 507-895-3600

La Crescent Animal Care has everything you're looking for;  Exceptional benefits, competitive starting pay, fun team of professional support staff, established clientele and newer clinic overlooking the Mississippi River.
La Crescent Animal Care offers preventative and diagnostic care including dentistry, surgery and laser treatment. We have a full time position for a veterinarian interested in learning and working with the best.
The area offers a perfect combination of recreational opportunities-hiking, climbing, boating and fishing with easy access to La Crosse Wisconsin Universities and prominent medical clinics and hospitals.

Interested Applicants should send emails to the following:
Attention: Barb Sell ----- lacrescentanimalcare@yahoo.com

Date Posted: 2/13/2017
Contact Person: Gala Beckendorf
Practice Name: Nicollet Veterinary Clinic
Address: 1020 3rd St
City: Nicollet, MN 56074
Phone 507-381-8273
Fax: 507-225-3403
Email: galabeck@msm.com
Practice Type: Mixed
Job Type: Associate

Associate veterinarian with full employment privileges in a mixed animal practice; >50% small animal plus equine, dairy, beef, small ruminants, & exotics; work load commensurate with experience &/or interest