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Job Book For Illinois

Date Posted: 11/21/2016
Contact Person: Dr. David G. Aul
Practice Name: Care Animal Hospital
City: Chicago, IL
Phone 847-962-5257
Email: david.aul@carevets.com
Practice Type: Emergency
Job Type: Associate

Date Posted: 10/27/2016
Contact Person: Dr Allen K Barclay
Practice Name: Bushnell Veterinary Service PC
Address: PO Box 305 Junction Rts 9& 41 573 Ludwig St
City: Bushnell, IL 61422
Phone 306-772-2411
Fax: 309-772-2016
Email: bushvet@bushnell.net
Practice Type: Large
Job Type: Associate

Bushnell Veterinary Service PC of Bushnell, IL is a 3 veterinarian practice seeking to add an associate.   Bushnell is a town of 3200 people in west-central Illinois about 15 miles northeast of Macomb, home of Western Illinois University.  The practice is about 50% large animal, 50% small animal.  The majority of the large animal work is with beef cattle, mainly cow-calf with some feedlot and stocker cattle but we also see sheep and goats, horses, and a small amount of swine and dairy.  The small animal practice involves medicine and surgery for mainly dogs and cats.  The practice has in-house diagnostics including CBC and blood chemistry machines, X-ray, ultrasound and a large animal haul-in facility that is used frequently.
If someone were interested in the position, an externship would be a great way for us to get to know each other, but we would be happy to interview someone for a shorter time also.
The owners of the practice and contact information:
Allen K. Barclay DVM, J. David Huston DVM, Shawn N. McKim DVM

Date Posted: 10/27/2016
Contact Person: Dr. Dan Markwalder
Email: drdan.acc@gmail.com or dmarkwald@aol.com
Web Site: www.myanimalcareclinic.com

Associate Veterinarian position – New graduates are welcome to apply

IS Mentoring Important to you?

We are a four location, 18 doctor practice (the three owners are partners – not corporate owned) located around the Chicagoland area.  We offer mentorship and practice progressive medicine.  We have digital radiography, ultrasonography, dental radiology, in house lab with a great support staff.  Each of our practices are stand-alone hospitals, but you have the ability to work at one or two practices to best suit your needs and desires of a new graduate veterinarian.  

We have hired a new graduate every year for the last 5 years -  we understand mentorship.  If you would like all the advantages of an internship without the long hours and low pay, then consider applying.  
We offer a relocation bonus, good pay and all the fringe benefits.  

Date Posted: 10/25/2016
Contact Person: Care Animal Hospital
Practice Name: Dr. David Aul
Address: 1195 EAst Palatine Road
City: Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone 847-962-5257
Email: david.aul@carevets.com
Web Site: www.carevets.com
Practice Type: Small
Job Type: Associate

We are looking for an associate veterinarian for our small animal group practice in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Care Animal Hospital has provided high-quality veterinary care and friendly client service since 1970, and we need a doctor with solid medical skills who can help us carry on this tradition.

Date Posted: 9/15/2016
Contact Person: Dr. Amy Antas
Practice Name: Meller-James and Associates
Phone 618-833-7421 Vienna: 618-658-4111
Email: piglet_7963@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.mellerjames.com
Practice Type: Mixed
Job Type: Associate

Mixed animal practice in southern IL hiring 2 full time associate veterinarians (preferably Mixed Animal Associates, will consider adjusting schedules to accommodate a Small Animal only Associate)
Meller-James & Associates Veterinary Service is a 6-7 doctor practice with 2 clinics located in beautiful southern IL surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest.  The clinics are only 30 min or less from major cities (Cape Girardeau MO, Paducah KY, Carbondale IL, & Marion IL).  Our primary office is in Anna with a satellite office in Vienna.  Case load is approximately 75% small animal (mostly dogs & cats) & 25% large animal (equine, bovine, small ruminants, swine, & the occasional camelid).  Both offices offer large & small animal services (both in clinic & farm calls).  The Anna office is equipted with  2 surgery tables, 3 vaporizers (both Isoflurane & sevoflurane), dental scaler & polisher, 3 exam rooms, isolation room, boarding facilities, digital x-ray, full in house lab machines, tonopen, indoor equine stocks, barn with stalls, padded recovery stall, indoor foremost cattle chute, outdoor corral, etc.  The Vienna satellite office offers one surgery table with both Isoflurane & Sevofluane, dental scaler & polisher, 2 exam rooms, isolation room, in house chemistry analyzer, indoor & outdoor equine stocks, large indoor cattle working area with foremost head catch on a big valley chute, and indoor & outdoor corrals.  The practice provides 4 fully stocked & maintained work vehicles.  Both clinics share 2 electroejaculators, a portable ultrasound, a power float & complete set of hand floats.
There are 4 business partners & 2 associates currently.  One associate is leaving the area in the near future & one of the partners is hoping to cut back to part time, all of the full time veterinarians share on call equally which in a 6 doctor setting results in only 1-2 nights on call each week per veterinarian with 1.5 - 3 days off per week.  We offer a competative compensation package.   The multiple doctor setting provides mentorship and potential for future ownership.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Anna Office:  (618)833-7421    Vienna Office (618)658-4111
Website:  www.mellerjames.com
Clinic email:  service@mellerjames.com
Dr. Amy Antas email:  piglet_7963@yahoo.com;  phone: (309)531-8582
                *  I personally spent almost 2 months at K-State on off-campus rotations during my senior year of vet school (2006-2007) & was very impressed with the education provided there.  Dr. Thompson & Dr. Apley were 2 of the veterinarians I was lucky to have learned from.  We would be excited to hire a K-State graduate at our practice.  

Thank you very much for your time & consideration.  
Amy Antas
Meller-James & Associates