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Job Book For Arizona

Date Posted: 10/20/2016
Practice Name: University Animal Hospital
City: Tempe, AZ
Web Site: www.universityvet.com
Practice Type: University
Job Type: Externship

The Externship program at University Animal Hospital is a fully interactive program designed to expose veterinary students to a vast variety of medical procedures, surgeries, cases and situations. We pride ourselves on the medicine that we practice and the experience we give to both our clients and patients.
During the private practice rotation, students will be expected to accomplish as many of
the following learning objectives as possible in each of the categories. This has been setup to ensure that each student benefits as much as possible from time spent with us.
•    Observe interactions among veterinarians, clients, and staff members, including     grief counseling and conflict resolution
•    Demonstrate effective, professional oral communication kills.
•    Observe division of labor between veterinarians, technicians, office staff, etc.
•    Identify ways that the practice promotes client satisfaction
• Observe appointment scheduling procedure
• Observe fee structure, including discount policies
• Ascertain how fees are determined
• Observe how retail sales are incorporated into the practice
• Ascertain operating costs associated with:
Personnel, benefits
Building overhead, maintenance, renovation, etc
Durable equipment costs (including upkeep)
Note - Veterinary practices that allow students to actively participate and gain
hands-on experience are preferable to practices that only permit observation.
However, practice acts in some states may limit hands-on student involvement in
medical and surgical procedures. The extent of student involvement in activities
will be at the discretion of the practitioner(s).
•    Observe or demonstrate the ability to take a comprehensive, accurate, and
organized case history appropriate for various clinical situations (wellness
appointment, pre-surgical appointment, emergency, etc).
•    Observe or demonstrate competency in physical examination, including body
condition scoring.
•    Observe or demonstrate competency in restraint and safe handling of animals.
•    Observe or participate in routine preventive medicine appointments. Determine
the vaccination and parasite control protocols used at the practice.
•    Observe or perform routine diagnostic and therapeutic procedures used in
general private practice.
•    Improve ability to develop appropriate differential diagnoses for medical,
surgical, and nutritional problems encountered in a primary care practice.
•         Learn how the practitioner(s) prioritizes problems and triages cases.
•    Improve ability to formulate appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plans for
medical, surgical, nutritional, and behavioral problems commonly encountered in
primary care practice.
•    Observe or demonstrate ability to perform and interpret routine laboratory
•    Observe or demonstrate competency in routine surgical procedures performed
in primary care practice.
•    Review anesthesia and sedation protocols used at the practice; observe or
participate in induction, monitoring and recovery of patients.
•    Observe or demonstrate skill and compassion in delivering nursing care for ill or post-operative patients.
•    Observe or participate in submission of samples to diagnostic laboratories.
•    Improve ability to correctly interpret normal and abnormal radiographs from
patients with conditions commonly encountered in primary care practice.
•    Improve familiarity with diets and dietary ingredients.
•    Observe or demonstrate ability to perform a routine necropsy and differentiate
normal from abnormal findings (if necropsy is performed at the practice).
•    Observe or participate in emergency appointments and intensive care
•    Seek new knowledge using reference resources available at the practice.
NOTE - Students will keep a checklist of their activities during the rotation.

Date Posted: 10/20/2016
Practice Name: University Animal Hospital
Address: 2500 S. Hardy Dr.
City: Tempe, AZ 85282
Email: waredvm@icloud.com
Web Site: www.universityvet.com
Practice Type: University
Job Type: Associate

University Animal Hospital is multi-doctor AAHA accredited full service veterinary
facility established in 1962. Our exceptional community reputation has given us a wide
clientele base from around the Phoenix Valley. Our practice is looking to add another
full-time veterinarian to our 10 DVM staff in Tempe, Arizona. We are proud of our
progressive medical and surgical philosophy, high level of client service and
collaborative practice culture. We offer services in endoscopy, ultrasound, laser surgery,
digital radiography, oncology, high level internal medicine patient care, routine and
complicated soft tissue and orthopedic surgery in addition to our passion for diligent
preventative care. We are open 7-days per week with extended hours. Our schedule
will involve a mixture of weekday shifts and rotating weekends averaging around 40
hours weekly. We offer very competitive pay, health insurance, 401k plan, all paid
licenses and dues and paid continuing education. We strive to build a family of
colleagues that stays at a practice for their career. Please send your resume to

Date Posted: 9/20/2016
Practice Name: Arizona Ave Animal Clinic
Address: 7 W Knox Road
City: Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone 480-963-2340
Email: veterinary_job@cox.net
Practice Type: Small
Job Type: Associate

Veterinary position available in a 4 doctor full service hospital.

$75,000 - $85,000; experience and skill set dependant

Type and Experience Level:
Full time veterinary position.  Any experience level will be considered

Small Animal - primarily Canine & Feline

Companion animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry.

Employment Type:
Veterinary Private Practice

Chandler, Arizona: Veterinary position available for 4 doctor full service hospital. Well equipped w/digital xray, ultrasound, endoscopy, EKG, in-house lab suite-chemistry, electrolytes, & CBC machines, & surgical suite with monitoring.  Dr's are scheduled 5 days per week.  After hours emergencies are referred to emergency animal clinic. Competitive salary and benefits package  with 401k & health insurance options. Please forward your resume & references "Attention to Hospital Administrator" - Ms. Nicole Molina

Contact info: email to veterinary_job@cox.net or fax to 480-786-1861

Hospital Info:  Arizona Ave Animal Clinic   (ph. 480-963-2340)
                       7 W Knox Rd
                       Chandler, AZ 85225

Practice Overview:

            Arizona Ave Animal Clinic - Established in 1981 in Chandler, Arizona.  Our hospital is a 4 doctor small animal practice in a free standing 7000 sq. ft. facility.  We are a well equipped, full service hospital with adjunctive boarding, and grooming services.  Our staff provides quality companion animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry.  We strive for optimum pet care and utilize in house digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, digital tonometry, and are proactive in the use of telemedicine to supplement our digital and diagnostic findings.  Our in house lab has new chemistry, electrolyte and clotting analyzers which complement our CBC machine and standard bench top tests and lab equipment.  A very important part of our practice is dental care.  We are equipped with a mobile, high speed, compressed air-driven dental unit as well as 2 new ultrasonic units which allow us to provide a greater range of dental surgical care and treatment.
            Our hospital staff is made up of 24 full and part time members.  The majority have been with our hospital for several years.  All are caring, compassionate and dedicated care givers.  Our philosophy and goal as animal caretakers (My Staff & Mine)  is to do as much as possible to alleviate suffering and promote healing.  Even with limited economic  resources, we try to do as much as possible to help - this may mean prescriptions and home nursing techniques and often some discounts on our part but we try not to let a patient leave our hospital without something being done to aid them with their malady.
            The hospital provides benefits for full time employees for vacation, uniforms, continuing education, health insurance, selected dues and a 401k retirement plan.
            Our three primary veterinarians have many years of experience in both medicine and surgery.  The majority of their cases are treated in house.  These cases include medical, soft tissue surgery, and orthopedic cases which include TTA cruciate repairs, as well as fractures.  We are fortunate to have access to quality emergency care and selected intensive care patients are referred to our local emergency clinic.
            Our valley is a wonderful environment for the practice of veterinary medicine.  The metro-Phoenix area has a plethora of veterinary specialists in medicine, surgery, oncology, cardiology,  dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, dentistry, exotic, and emergency care.   There are two major diagnostic labs in the Phoenix valley which provide veterinary services and fast hospital pickup and turn around times of samples for results of any lab tests that we submit.  
            Arizona is an intriguing place to live and explore.  Mountains to hike with winter ski slopes, lakes with fishing and boating, streams for fly fishing, and of course our desert vistas that change with the seasons.  Our 2 major universities, University of Arizona in Tucson which is the home of our state diagnostic lab and Arizona State University are the corner stone institutions for higher learning.   Our Phoenix valley has our college sports, as well as professional sports- the Suns basketball, Cardinals football, Diamond Backs baseball, and the Arizona Coyotes hockey.  We have endless places to visit and things to do when you're feeling social and lots of space to be alone when you're not - AND no snow tires needed!  Thank you for reading about us!   Dr John Gardetto