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Housing Wanted


All ads are for the Manhattan, Kansas area

  • Looking for a place to stay this school year? I have a bedroom available in a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment. The rent is only $670/month, which will be split in half, and the only other bill we will have to pay is the electricity. The landlord pays for the water and trash and the apartment is all electric. A few things about me, I am 24, female, pretty easy to get along with, clean, and respectful of other people’s things and spaces. I can't promise we will be best friends because school will be hectic, but I will definitely respect your belongings and give you space. The apartment is on the lowest level of a 6-plex and has a walk-out patio that connects to the dining/living room. There is a washer and dryer in the apartment itself. Apart from it being a super clean place, it has a fireplace! The landlord is very nice; however, there are no pets allowed and no smoking. I was bummed too, but it is a great price! My lease starts August 1st but I probably won't be moving in until sometime after so the landlord has enough time to clean and get the apartment ready. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested! Just a bit more info, the landlord and I would like meet any candidates and show the apartment before picking a roommate. We just don't want to rent to anyone we haven't met in person. Other than that, e-mail me. It's a great deal and the room might be gone soon so don't hesitate. Contact Vanessa Saucedo at for details. Thanks!! (Posted July 10, 2014)
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  • Hi I am coming in as a first year student for the class of 2018. I am looking for a roommate or 2.  I'm a pretty chill guy, I clean after myself and pull my weight around the house and I get along pretty easily with people. I am from Puerto Rico so I'm not gonna be able to personally look into where to stay, but I'm really good with whatever as long as it is reasonably priced and they allow pets. I'm not gonna bring any with me but I am planning on getting a dog at some point. Please contact me, Cristian, at if you are interested! (Posted June 18, 2014)
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  • I will be in the class of 2018 and am looking for one or two female roomates. I have a cat and might have a dog and would generally be ok with any other pets as long as the location we find is ok with them and they get along with mine. I am neat but not a neat freak and pretty laid back and easy going. I live near Houston, TX currently so I am kind of house shopping blind. I do not want to live in an apartment but a duplex, house, or basement apartment would be great. Please contact me at if you are interested (Posted June 10, 2014)
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  • Hello I am looking for a roommate for the upcoming school year. I already have an apartment that's great! It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a fireplace, sliding glass doors, and a washer and dryer. Yep a  washer and dryer! It is right across the street from westloop and there is private parking. The rent is only 670/month so that would be 335 for each of us. The only other bill we would have to pay is electric, no gas bill and the landlord pays the water and trash. Please contact me right away if you are interested. It's a great deal! Contact Vanessa Saucedo at (Posted June 02, 2014)
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  • I am a fourth year veterinary student from Iowa State University looking for a room to rent/sublease for 3 weeks this July 20 - August 10 while I am at KSU for an exotics rotation. Please contact Cindy Sorrick at if you have a room free this summer - Thank you! (Posted May 30, 2014)

  • One room available in Two bedroom Apartment on Todd Rd, right across the Campus. Close to Pizza shuttle and Dara's Lane on west side of campus. Available (Mid or Early August). Requirements: Non-smoker, No-Pets, clean, and quite as landlord requires it. Contact Nitesh at or text/call 405-633-1034. Thank you  (Posted May 19, 2014) 
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  • Hello, my name is Marc. I have a 2 bedroom apartment and I am looking for one male roommate. The apartment runs right around $400 a month per person (everything included) and has an off street parking lot. The apartment is located 2 blocks south of campus. Lease starts August 1st. Please email me at (Posted May 08, 2014)
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  • Looking for 1 male roommate.  One 4th year vet and two others.  4-BR, 2Bath House on the west side of campus/stadium area, close to school.  Rent/person/month is $320 plus utilities which range from $50-65 a person/month.  Large backyard with patio and storage shed and small garage for storage.  Living room and full kitchen with laundry machine and dryer.  Need one male for August 1, 2014.  If you have more questions, please call or email at and ask! (Posted April 28, 2014)
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  • Looking for someone to fill a 3 bedroom/1 bath house (preferably a female) starting June 1st.  We are in the class of 2016 and each already have a dog, so no other animals please.  The house is located 5 minutes from the vet school and is very spacious.  We are very laid-back and clean.  Please contact me at if you are interested! (Posted April 24, 2014)

  • I am looking for a student to fill a room in my 3 bedroom house.  The house is across the street from the vet school-only a 5 minute walk to school!  It will come with a w/d, all kitchen appliances, a large fenced backyard, large basement, central ac and a garage. The house will be completely furnished beside your room (couch, tv, table, microwave, etc).  I am hoping to find a quiet vet student or graduate student to share this house with. I do have two large dogs so no other pets will be allowed.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested: (Posted April 22, 2014)
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  • Hi, my name is Bridget O'Neil and I will be a first year vet student in the class of 2018 and I am looking for 4 female roommates to live in a 5 bedroom/3 bath home, a four minute drive or one mile walk from the vet school (Near Vaughn Drive and College Avenue, Address available upon contact). Rent ranges between $350 and $400 depending on room size (rate locked in upon arrival), first come first serve and utilities will be split between all five roommates. One-year lease available starting 1 June. Pets are allowed with approval. Amenities include: washer, dryer, dishwasher, heat & AC, two refrigerators, common area furnishings provided, lots of storage space, five car driveway parking, nice quiet neighborhood, and outdoor fenced dog run. Please contact me at if you are interested! (Posted April 21, 2014)

  • My name is Qiuwen Kou. I will be a first year student of class 2018. I'm looking for someone who has already lived or reserved in a traditional or renovated Jardine apartment for 2014-2015 academic year and still need roommate(s)(female). I'm clean, quiet and easygoing. If you have any information about that, please email me: (Posted April 08, 2014)

  • I am looking for one roommate to fill a 3 bedroom, 2 bath single family home 5 minutes away from the Vet School. Rent is $425/month plus utilities (including gas, water, electric, internet, cable). The property is non-smoking.
    Amenities include:
    - Fully furnished apart from the bedrooms
    - Washer/dryer
    - Dishwasher and all other kitchen appliances
    - Central A/C and heat
    - Fenced in large backyard
    - Available street parking in a nice neighborhood
    - 1 year lease with option to renew beginning July 1st or August 1st
    - Security deposit of one month's rent
    Pictures available upon request. Please email me at if interested. (Posted April 3, 2014)

  • Hi there!  My name is Ben and I am going to be part of the incoming class at the vet school.  I am trying to find other first year roommates (male) who would be interested in leasing together.  I am from Ohio and have been raised on a beef farm, I am an outgoing guy and pretty laid back.  I have found a few places that look nice and possibly worth checking out.  If you are interested and would like to find out more about me or the places, just email me, (Posted April 2, 2014)
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  • Hi my name is Cileah Kretsch and I am going to be a first year vet student in the fall. I am looking for other first year vet students to live with (female) or any other places that are open with vet students that I could join. I am allergic to cats though :( But, I'm clean, very easy going, and quiet! Please contact me at if you are interested or know of any places. Thank you! (Posted March 26, 2014)
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  • Hello! I'm looking to fill a room available the 1st of August. I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house located about 5 minutes from the vet school. Here's a little bit about the place:
    - Rent is $450/mo.
    - Bills usually range anywhere between $100-$140/mo. (including Dish, water, electric, trash and internet)
    - Dishwasher
    - Washer and dryer
    - A/C and heat
    - Non-smoking
    - Parking would be on the street
    - Two dogs (Great Pyrenees and a Shepherd mix) live in the house; no additional pets wanted
    - 1 year lease with the option to renew
    - There's a security deposit of one month's rent (refundable)
    Pictures available upon request. E-mail if interested! (Posted March 18, 2014)

  • I am looking for a female subleaser from June 1st (can be earlier if needed) to July 31st. Rent is $250 with summer utilities averaging $50-60. The room is in a 4 bedroom duplex, but only 1 or 2 roommates will be here for the summer. Please e-mail me at if interested! (Posted March 03, 2014)

  • Hello, I am going to be a first year vet student in the class of 2018 and I am looking for a place to rent starting the beginning of August but would like to find one or two roommates before I pick a place. If anyone is interested in rooming together let me know. I am a female and would prefer female roommates. I am a clean and easy going person, and wouldn't mind pets, just no cats as I am allergic. If interested, please email me at (Posted February 20, 2014)
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