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All ads are for the Manhattan, Kansas area

  • I am looking for a student to fill a room in my 3 bedroom house.  The house is across the street from the vet school-only a 5 minute walk to school!  It will come with a w/d, all kitchen appliances, a large fenced backyard, large basement, central ac and a garage. The house will be completely furnished beside your room (couch, tv, table, microwave, etc).  I am hoping to find a quiet vet student or graduate student to share this house with. I do have two large dogs so no other pets will be allowed.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested:
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  • I'm in the process of purchasing a house and am looking for 2 housemates (male or female). 3 bed 2 bath. Looking for other vet students that are clean, responsible and respectful. The house will be non-smoking and have no pets. The cost and move in date have yet to be finalized; however, it will likely be $400 rent + utilities(split 3 ways). My name is John. I grew up in Colorado, did my undergraduate in Iowa and am excited to get out to Kansas. Contact me at with your interest. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you! (Posted April 22, 2014)
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  • Hello, my name is Zoe. I am going to be a first year vet student, in the class of 2018, starting this August! I really wanted to find a couple roommates to live in the Jardine apartments across the street from the vet school! The apartments looks really nice and they are close to school, and the recreation center. I really want to be close to school and everything so we dont have to walk too far in the winter! I am from California and I am a very active person. I love to play tennis, so I really want to live in the Jardine apartments because the tennis courts are right next door! Please contact me if you are interested. I thought it would be fun to find a couple of first year vet students to live with!Thank you! Email: (Posted April 21, 2014)

  • Hi, my name is Bridget O'Neil and I will be a first year vet student in the class of 2018 and I am looking for 4 female roommates to live in a 5 bedroom/3 bath home, a four minute drive or one mile walk from the vet school (Near Vaughn Drive and College Avenue, Address available upon contact). Rent ranges between $350 and $400 depending on room size (rate locked in upon arrival), first come first serve and utilities will be split between all five roommates. One-year lease available starting 1 June. Pets are allowed with approval. Amenities include: washer, dryer, dishwasher, heat & AC, two refrigerators, common area furnishings provided, lots of storage space, five car driveway parking, nice quiet neighborhood, and outdoor fenced dog run. Please contact me at if you are interested! (Posted April 21, 2014)

  • I am a female, recent KSU grad, working full time in Manhattan. Looking for a quiet, clean, responsible roommate to fill my 2 bedroom house in Wamego, who can pay bills on time and respect my things. I have a dog, but she is kenneled if I'm not home, and I do not want any other pets in the house! Rent is $400 & bills are on top of that. Room will be available by June 1st. There is one bedroom, plus a spare room for your personal space. A nice open backyard, living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom, & laundry room/mud room. For more info and/or pictures please email me at (Posted April 18, 2014)
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  • Hello! My name is Dustin and I will be a first year vet student in the fall. I am looking for roommates to go together on a lease or current students looking for a roommate. I grew up on a farm in south central Nebraska with row crops, beef cattle, sheep, and horses. I enjoy the outdoors, running, and playing sports. I do not have any pets and have been living in a house with three other roommates, so I'm familiar with the shared living space, rent and utility splitting. I will graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May. A lease that begins June 1 is preferred; however, any time before August will work fine. Please send me an email if you are interested at (Posted April 14, 2014)
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  • Hello! I am looking for one more person to fill my large 4 bedroom/2 bath house. The lease starts July 1. There are 2 class of 2016 vet students that will be living there and one K-state graduate (all female). There are also 2 dogs that live with us all ready. The landlords are *SUPER* nice, so if you have a pet to bring they will probably work with you. However, we will have to check before signing the lease. The rent is $325/mo + all utilities (avg about $150 or so per person). The house comes with all appliances, has a large backyard (no fence,though), and is located in a very quiet neighborhood within walking distance to Cico park. Please let me know if you would be interested in living with us for next year! Feel free to text/call/email me if you have any questions or want to see the house. Cody Dressler - 913.240.1430 - (Posted April 09, 2014)
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  • One room available starting August 1st in a spacious, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house about a 7 minute drive from the Vet School. Roommates will be vet students, a female 3rd year and a male 2nd year.  Currently 1 dog and 1 cat are living in the house - no additional pets allowed at this time.  Home has a dishwasher, washer/dryer, central AC, fenced in yard. The property is non-smoking.  Rent is $400/month plus 1/3 utilities (electric, gas, dish, and cox internet - average is about $100/month each). Contact if interested or for more information. (Posted April 7, 2014)

  • Two 3rd year vet students and 3 dogs looking for a roommate to fill a 3BR, 1 bath home 5 minutes from campus. Quiet neighborhood, fenced in back yard and pets allowed.  Rent is $385 for the small room or $430 for the large room, plus utilities (about $100 each).  First year vet student is preferred. Pictures upon request: Email or Phone: 207-522-8955. (Posted April 4, 2014)

  • Soon-to-be fourth year veterinary student looking for a female roommate to join a two-bedroom apartment approximately 10 minutes from the vet school. Rent is $335/month plus electricity and internet (trash and water included). The apartment is spacious and located in a quiet area. A washer and dryer are located in the apartment and off-street parking is available. Unfortunately, no pets. Email if interested: (Posted April 4, 2014)
  • I am looking for one roommate to fill a 3 bedroom, 2 bath single family home 5 minutes away from the Vet School. Rent is $425/month plus utilities (including gas, water, electric, internet, cable). The property is non-smoking.
    Amenities include:
    - Fully furnished apart from the bedrooms
    - Washer/dryer
    - Dishwasher and all other kitchen appliances
    - Central A/C and heat
    - Fenced in large backyard
    - Available street parking in a nice neighborhood
    - 1 year lease with option to renew beginning July 1st or August 1st
    - Security deposit of one month's rent
    Pictures available upon request. Please email me at if interested. (Posted April 3, 2014)

  • Hi there!  My name is Ben and I am going to be part of the incoming class at the vet school.  I am trying to find other first year roommates (male) who would be interested in leasing together.  I am from Ohio and have been raised on a beef farm, I am an outgoing guy and pretty laid back.  I have found a few places that look nice and possibly worth checking out.  If you are interested and would like to find out more about me or the places, just email me, (Posted April 2, 2014)
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  • Hello! We are three class of 2017 vet students looking for another roommate for our 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath. The rent is $312.50 per month plus 1/4th of utilities. We have a washer/dryer in unit. We are less than a 10 minute drive from the vet school. We currently live with a super friendly lab and other pets are welcome as long as they get along! The lease we are trying to fill is for 12 months and starts in August but we would be happy to have someone move in before that. Please e-mail  for more information! (Posted April 1, 2014)

  • I own a 7-year old house located in North View neighborhood (northeast of Kimball and Tuttle. There are three bedrooms in the house, one of which will be available as early as June 1, 2014 with a flexible move-in date. The other two rooms will be filled with Vet/PhD students, me being one of them (Michael Duff - currently working on a PhD but I'll be back in the vet curriculum as a 2nd year this coming year) and Luca Popescu (current 3rd year).
    There is a washer/dryer and dishwasher and the guest bathroom has two sinks with plenty of cabinets/closet space for storing your personal items. All rooms are freshly painted and carpets will be cleaned again prior to move-in. The house comes with all brand new furniture and appliances plus some other neat things like a grill, table tennis table, attic for storage, 2-car garage for parking plus a 6-car driveway, garden with lots of goodies, 42" flat screen TV with surround sound and WiFi bluray player, etc. Rent is $500/month plus utilities with a 1-year lease. Unfortunately, there is a no pet policy at the moment until I can fence in the yard and install wood flooring. Please let me know if you or anyone else you know is interested. Luca and I would prefer to rent with a fellow vet student. Email Michael Duff at for details. (Posted March 31, 2014)
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  • I am looking for one roommate to fill a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. Rent is $360/month plus utilities (including water, electric, internet, but basic cable is included with the rent).
    Amenities include:
    - Washer/dryer
    - Dishwasher, and other major appliances
    - Off-street parking
    - Sink/Vanity in the 3 upstairs bedrooms
    - Upstairs common area includes mini bar with sink/mini fridge.
    The apartment is about 5 minutes from the vet school, and other tenants will be two second years and one first year vet student. Official move in date is August 1st, but we may be able to make accommodations earlier if needed. More information can be found at Please email me at if interested or you would like more information. (Posted March 26, 2014)

  • Hi my name is Cileah Kretsch and I am going to be a first year vet student in the fall. I am looking for other first year vet students to live with (female) or any other places that are open with vet students that I could join. I am allergic to cats though :( But, I'm clean, very easy going, and quiet! Please contact me at if you are interested or know of any places. Thank you! (Posted March 26, 2014)
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  • Looking for 2 Roommates
    $300 + Bills (around $500 / 3)
    Lease starting July or August
    House: 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
    5-10 Minutes from Vet School (depending on traffic) Pets Negotiable (Just have to be approved by the Landlord ahead of time) Driveway Parking. I will be a third year veterinary student at K-State, and I am looking for 2 roommates.  Please e-mail me at for more information or to arrange a time to come see the house if interested. Thanks! (Posted March 24, 2014)

  • Two open bedrooms available August 1st (2510 Butterfield Ct.)
    - 4 bedroom 3 bath duplex (about 5 minutes from the vet school)
    - Walk out basement and side patio
    - Washer/Dryer
    - Dishwasher
    - We currently have one dog and one cat, one more pet permitted
    - Non-smoking
    - Rent $400/month plus utilities
    - Bills usually average $100-$130/mo. (include cable, water, electric, trash and internet)
    - One year lease with option to renew
    - Refundable security deposit of one month's rent (pet deposit $250)
    If you have any questions or are interested in pictures, e-mail Taylor at (Posted March 24, 2014)
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  • Hey all! My name is Kyle. I am a senior in Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management at KSU. My roommate and I are looking for two people to live with us during the 2014-2015 school year. We have a 4 bedroom,3 bathroom house located on 1907 Rockhill Rd. There is a ton of space, a large backyard, and a two car garage.
    We have deck overlooking the backyard with a grill. All appliances are included (including three fridges!) The house is within walking distance to Aggieville. We are pretty laid back guys, and are easy to get along with. We don't mind living with guys or girls. There is one dog, but we are asking for no more additional pets. Rent is $350/month plus utilities. If you would like to see pictures or stop by at anytime, feel free to contact me! My cell phone number is 913-526-9393 and my email is We look forward to speaking with you! (Posted March 19, 2014)
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  • Hello! My name is Laura and I will be a 2nd year vet student next year. I am looking to fill 2 bedrooms in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom townhome. The 2 open rooms are both downstairs and share a bathroom and large walk in closet. The bottom floor also has a big laundry room (with washer and dryer) and lots of storage space. The whole townhome was recently renovated including all new kitchen appliances and carpet. Cats are allowed but no dogs. E-mail me if you are interested and I can send you pictures! My e-mail is (Posted March 19, 2014)

  • Looking for one Male roommate. We have one room open in a house starting August 2014. 4 beds, 2 baths, 2 fridges, washer/dryer, front and back yards. There are currently three of us, all guys, all vet students, one 2016er and two 2017es. The house is on Juliette and Bertrand, 5-minute drive, 20-minute walk to school. The room is downstairs in the basement. Rent is $310/month, and utilities run around $80/person for Internet/gas/electric/water/trash. Pet-wise, we have 1 guinea pig and 2 cats, no dogs allowed. Landlord is nice and laid back. If interested, please contact Thanks! (Posted March 18, 2014)
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  • Hello! I'm looking to fill a room available the 1st of August. I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house located about 5 minutes from the vet school. Here's a little bit about the place:
    - Rent is $450/mo.
    - Bills usually range anywhere between $100-$140/mo. (including Dish, water, electric, trash and internet)
    - Dishwasher
    - Washer and dryer
    - A/C and heat
    - Non-smoking
    - Parking would be on the street
    - Two dogs (Great Pyrenees and a Shepherd mix) live in the house; no additional pets wanted
    - 1 year lease with the option to renew
    - There's a security deposit of one month's rent (refundable)
    Pictures available upon request. E-mail if interested! (Posted March 18, 2014)

  • Looking for a one female roommate for 2 bedroom/1 Bath, Traditional Apartment in Jardine. Jardine Housing has internet, gas, water and trash facilities for free! Rent is $ 245 and electricity is very cheap approximately $ 25 for the whole apartment, which will be divided by 2 people. One month rent with utilities (only electricity) is about approx $265.00. Room will be available from July 1st 2014. Contact Foram Madiyar at for more details.(Posted March 10, 2014)
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  • Hi there! Amy and I are looking for a roommate to fill the third bedroom in our 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. Our house is located at Sunset and College Heights, just west of main campus and a couple minute drive or 20 minute walk to the vet school. Washer and dryer in unit, which rocks, and the landlords are quite nice. Unfortunately no pets allowed. We are both part of the class of 2017 and understand crazy vet school hours and value a peaceful, comfortable home environment. If you are at all interested, please give me a call at 316-218-5077 or shoot me an email at Looking forward to talking with you, thanks! -Allie (Posted March 10, 2014)
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  • 2 Female roommates needed for 3 bedroom main-level house 5 minutes drive from vet school. Rent $333/person (utilities & internet not included). Cats are welcome, dogs are not. Great Landlord! Please contact if interested. Thank you and have a great day! (Posted March 05, 2014)
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  • I am looking for a female subleaser from June 1st (can be earlier if needed) to July 31st. Rent is $250 with summer utilities averaging $50-60. The room is in a 4 bedroom duplex, but only 1 or 2 roommates will be here for the summer. Please e-mail me at if interested! (Posted March 03, 2014)

  • Looking for a place to live? I am Taylor (female) and I am looking for two roommates! I live in a townhome on the west side of Manhattan. 7 minutes from campus. The townhome is very nice and clean! It includes 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, living room, nice kitchen, and a deck with a grill. No pets. All appliances included. Flexible lease (my parents own the place). $350 plus utilities. Very nice and quiet neighborhood. Please contact me at if you would like to come look, ask questions, or see pictures. Hope to hear from you! (Posted February 28, 2014)
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  • Hello, I'm Curtis Concannon and I am looking for at least one roommate, male or female, for the coming school year. I will be a first year vet student and I would like to find somewhere to stay for most, if not all, of vet school. I do have a dog, although he's extremely quiet and low maintenance. Please email me at if you're interested. (Posted February 21, 2014)
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  • Hello, I am going to be a first year vet student in the class of 2018 and I am looking for a place to rent starting the beginning of August but would like to find one or two roommates before I pick a place. If anyone is interested in rooming together let me know. I am a female and would prefer female roommates. I am a clean and easy going person, and wouldn't mind pets, just no cats as I am allergic. If interested, please email me at (Posted February 20, 2014)
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  • My name is Courtney. I am going to be a 1st year vetmed student in the class of 2018. I am looking for two roommates (male or female) to live with me from August 2014 - May 2015. The building is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo, is a newer place, and only a 7 minute drive to the vet school. Also, soon to be re-carpeted and refurnished in the summer of 2014. All appliances are included. The area is very nice and quiet. Asking no more additional pets as I have two cats and a dog. Rent is $450 which includes all utilities and additional bills. Please call or text me at 402-981-3925 or email me at if you'd like to come see the place or would like to see pictures! I look forward to speaking with you. (Posted February 18, 2014)
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  • Non-smoking roommate wanted to share 2 bedroom mobile home. Roommate will have private bedroom & bathroom. Share kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, Off-street parking. $350/month. East side of Manhattan near 80 acre park. Please email me at: (Posted February 17, 2014)

  • Two rooms available for rent in a 3 bedroom/2 bath house off Casement. Roommate will be a 4th year. Rent is $400 a month per room plus share of utilities. Large fenced-in backyard, dogs and/or cats welcome. Contact for more information. Thanks! (Posted February 13, 2014)

  • Hello! My roommate and I are looking for someone to fill the third room in our 3bed/2bath house for next year. We're both girls in the Class of 2017 and we're originally from California (we both did our undergrad at UC Davis). The lease runs from June 1-next May 31st. Rent is $415 per month and utilities run about $80-100/person for gas/electric/water/internet. We have a nice backyard and law/bug spray services are provided! We will have one small dog (possibly two) but another dog would be welcome! (Sadly the dog doesn't like cats, so no cats.) We're a 5 minute drive from the vet school and we live in a cute little family neighborhood so it's always nice and quiet! We have great landlords and we're really laid back. We're looking for a male or female that would clean up after themselves and be a fun roommate! Please email me at for more information! Thanks, Kim (Posted February 12, 2014)

  • I am looking for three (girl) roommates to fill the house that I am currently in. The house is right across the street from campus (on the "Aggieville side") and has been very well taked care of. The rooms are good sized with nice closets. There are two sets of washers and dryers. The house also has a fenced backyard with a cute patio area. Rent is reasonable. For more information on please feel free to contact me via email: Thank You! (Posted February 06, 2014)

  • Roommate wanted in 3 Bed/2 bath trailer house. Flexible lease will begin any time after mid-May of 2014. The ending date is also flexible (I will be graduating May 2015) and am willing to work with roommate to retain ownership of home until roommate finds a new place to live next year (if needed). Would be an ideal one-year arrangement for a first year veterinary student to then find own place with new friends/classmates for second year, etc. Male preferred. $350/month plus ½ utilities ($80-100 per month). 1 occupant is myself (4th year student) plus one roommate (you) for a total of 2 people in this 3 bedroom house. New interior floors and freshly painted walls, new exterior siding (energy efficient), appliances on-site including new dishwasher, new refrigerator, new deep freeze, and on-site washer/dryer. House is 5 mins from the CVM. Room comes with own living space, personal bathroom, furnished living room/kitchen, shared office/storage room, outdoor storage shed, off-street parking. Great neighbors, quiet street, community offers 2 pools and clubhouse. House is move-in ready. No pets are preferred (like to keep the place clean/nice), but may consider the pet policy on a case-by-case basis. Contact Robert Munson, Class of 2015.(815-735-8929) or (Posted February 06, 2014)
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  • We are looking for a roommate (guy or girl) for a 5 bedroom 3 bath house located about 15 minutes from the vet school over by Target. There is currently a female 2nd year vet student, a male grad student, and 2 female working professionals living in the house. We also have 1 dog, 4 cats, 2 rabbits and guinea pigs so we can't take anymore pets. The house has a washer/dryer, dishwasher, 2 living rooms, fireplace, screened in back porch, and fenced backyard. It's a really nice house in a quiet neighborhood. We are all pretty laid back people who don't party hardcore but like to have friends over to hang out occasionally. Rent is around $260 a month plus 1/5 of the bills and the room is available beginning of May. E-mail me if you would like pictures or more information! (Posted February 03, 2014)

  • One or two female roommates wanted for mid-May, July or August move date. I am a nonsmoking, female professional. I am clean (but not neat freak), quiet, easy going, responsible and I have good credit and rental histories. I have two dogs, both small, totally potty trained and nondestructive. I do not currently have a place I can share, so I am looking for someone who has a place, or we can find a place together. I have to be within 20 minutes (but prefer closer if possible) of Manhattan. Please email me for more information at or call or text at 612-237-5107.(Posted January 28, 2014)

  • Great room available now, spacious, can be offered furnished or unfurnished. Roommates are 2 female vet students. The house has 2 full bathrooms, washer and dryer, dishwasher, with a large fenced-in back yard. The house is about 2.5 miles from the stadium. The sublease can go through the end of July of 2014. Rent price is negotiable. Please contact Lindsey Louderback if you would like more information. Email: (Posted January 27, 2014)

  • Looking for a roommate for a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment in Founder's Hill. 5 minutes/2 miles from campus! Comes with a super clean/quiet roommate and (friendly, quite) small dog, unfortunately no more pets are allowed. Rent is $500, utilities will be divided equally, all you need to bring is your bedroom set! Apartment complex has a pool, and a small gym. Please email me if you have anymore questions ( (Posted January 21, 2014)

  • 1 female roommate needed for August 2014 to August 2015 lease. House is a nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath with double garage. No pets please. Conveniently located a few blocks West of the Vet school. E-mail: (Posted January 15, 2014)

  • One roommate needed for the Spring 2014 semester. Beautiful two stories house, short walk to campus and Aggieville. 4 bedroom house ALL FURNISHED, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer, full kitchen + parking. 2 PhD strudents and one graduate student are already living in the house (two girls and one boy), very serious students but also very open and friendly (no tension at all in the house, no judging is the veto of the house). Rent is $360 a month + utilities. Move in ASAP, please email me if you are interested or for further information (, or call me on this number: 785-323-7867. (Posted January 10, 2014)