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Short Term Housing

All ads are for the Manhattan, Kansas area

  •  I am looking for someone to sublease my room over the summer, June 1-July 31. Dates are negotiable. Room will come furnished, rent is $360. Email me at khkehl@ksu.edu or call/text at 913-708-0397 if you have any questions. Thanks!! (Posted 03/02/2018)
    Delete: 05/01/2018

  • I'm looking for a summer subletter for my townhouse in Manhattan. I need someone who wants to trade a place to live for taking care of my dog. RENT WILL BE FREE. Instead of paying rent, this is going to be a work-trade situation. I'm looking for someone who can take care of my dog for 7 weeks while I'm away doing research, from mid June to early August. She's an amazingly sweet 35 lb patterdale terrier (maybe). She's two years old, and pretty easy to take care of as long as she's gets to exercise a little. Responsibilities will include: Walking her in the morning, feeding twice a day, sleeping in the same room with her, and taking her to the dog park about once a week. The yard is not fenced in, which means someone needs to be home to let her out to go potty, so she can't be left alone for more than 6-8 hours during the work day. It would be enough to swing by during lunch and let her out if necessary, though. That's all you need to do in exchange for a free summer sublet! The house is 7 minutes from campus, has a big living room and kitchen, and I have the master bedroom so there's plenty of room. I have two roommates, but they will both be away for the summer. We also have an empty extra room. So if you need a sublet for multiple people or a family, accommodations can be made. The pup gets along with dogs, cats, and kids. Feel free to email me at ddagan@ksu.edu with any questions or leads! --Dani (Posted 12/06/2017)
    Delete: 04/20/2018