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College of Veterinary Medicine

Housing and Land for Lease/Rent

(All properties listed are in the Manhattan, Kansas area)

  • Horse Boarding: Affordable care for your horse! Easy 6 miles from vet school. Griffin Horse Boarding offers an indoor (with lights) and outdoor arena, 40ft pipe runs with automatic water and automatic fly spray system. Two large turn out pens. Home to multiple vet students' horses. More information contact Jen Panzer (surgery tech) at jpanzer@vet.k-state.edu or 785-672-2583 (Posted 05/02/2016)
    Delete: 01/02/2017

  • Country Studio on horse boarding/training property. Rent will cover one horse room, anymore can be worked off possibly. Arena on site. Please call for more information at 785.341.3688 (Posted 08/10/2016)
    Delete: 10/09/2016