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College of Veterinary Medicine

2009 Fall Teaching Awards

2009 Merial Teaching Excellence AwardDr. Walter Cash
2009 Teaching Excellence Award (TEVA)Dr. Deryl Troyer
2009 Bayer Animal Health Teaching Excellence AwardDr. Steve Stockham
2009 Novartis Teaching Excellence AwardDr. Dan Thomson

The fall teaching awards ceremony is the brain child of the Parallel Paths program, group mentoring program designed to foster the development of junior faculty and sustain productive senior faculty. This program developed from the NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation program, a campus-wide effort to support advancement of women faculty in science, mathematics and engineering disciplines. There are currently two parallel path groups, the Purrfect Pride and the High Plains Drifters. The goal of Parallel Paths is to create an environment that promotes the success of faculty members in their teaching, research, and service roles. The High Plains Drifters prioritized the development of new teaching awards during the 2004 academic year, and this fall awards event is the culmination of that effort. The High Plains Drifters wanted to recognize teaching excellence at every stage of the veterinary curriculum. Representatives each of the sponsors are present today, Dr. Kristin Fuhrman – Teva Animal Health; Rob Wahoff – Bayer Animal Health; Michelle LeCluyse – Student Representative of Novartis; and Dr. Mary Jackson and student representative, Kara Gruber, from Merial. These companies enthusiastically sponsored these awards because they value and recognize the importance of pre-clinical instruction. The college is committed to continuation of these awards. We have obtained multi-year annual plaques that are displayed in the lobby of Trotter Hall to identify the recipients of these awards on an annual basis.