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College of Veterinary Medicine


CVM Security: 785-532-7652
Email: security@vet.k-state.edu
Police/Fire/Medical Emergency: Call 911
University Police Non-Emergency: 785-532-6412

Security Staff

Non-Security CVM Emergency Contacts

The physical security of the College of Veterinary Medicine is necessary for the successful accomplishment of the College’s teaching and research missions. The CVM Security Office  enhances and supports the overall physical security program at the College. 

It is important that all of us at the College of Veterinary Medicine realize that certain precautions need to be taken to insure the safety of all students, staff and faculty. There are certain common sense measures that can be taken to prevent any problems from occurring in or around the College of Veterinary Medicine and the campus in general. It is much safer to walk at night in a group or at least in pairs. Check around to see if someone is ready to leave at about the same time and all go together. If you have to leave the building alone when it is dark, ask a classmate or one of the security officers to escort you to your car. It is not wise to walk to the parking lot by yourself when it is dark.

If you see someone who you feel should not be in the building and they have no visible identification, try to locate a security officer to check on them. If there is no security officer available, find a fellow student and at least two of you check to see if they have a legitimate reason for being in the building. Be aware of the location of the outside Emergency phones.

Wear your ID badge at All Times when in the Complex.

New badge requests or access changes can be made through this website or via the paper form.

Request new or replacement badge or update access.

CVM Security services available - (available from 7AM - 11 PM, M-F by contacting the security office at 785-532-5911)

  • Jumpstart or other vehicle assistance
  • Escort to vehicle within CVM boundaries
  • For escort service past CVM boundaries, please contact Wildcat Walk

Additional security services available through KSU PD include:

Please Use Common Sense and Do Your Best to Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations.