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College of Veterinary Medicine

Human Resources

The Human Resources Team for the College of Veterinary Medicine was created to serve our diverse workforce of faculty, staff and students in all aspects of their employment.  We believe the greatest resource of the CVM is the employees that make the college function each day.  Our primary goal is to provide exceptional support for these employees.  By enriching the work experience for our faculty, staff and students, we can help move the College of Veterinary Medicine toward its future goals.  The Human Resources Team is here to help and encourages all employees to reach out to us at any time.



Leave Accrual Changes for USS Employees 

In May, the Kansas Board of Regents voted to change the university support staff vacation leave accrual policy to match that of unclassified employees. What does this mean for USS employees? Effective June 5, 2016, eligible university support staff who work full-time and are paid for 80 hours will accrue 8 hours of vacation leave per pay period. Those who work less than 80 hours will earn based on the chart below. This is a movement from vacation leave accrual based on years of service. Non-exempt employees will earn based on hours in pay status only; exempt employees will earn based on their appointment time or full-time equivalency. 

There will be a maximum of 176 hours of vacation leave accrual per fiscal year, so this means USS will now only accumulate 22 out of the 26 pay periods. Like unclassified, USS employees will not accrue when there is a third paycheck in a month - this happens twice a year—or the last two pay periods of the fiscal year. The overall allowable balance remains at a maximum of 304 hours at any time.

Hours in Pay Status
Per Pay Period

Hours Earned
Per Pay Period




















dollarTotal Rewards Takes Next Steps

Emails and letter communication have been delivered to university support staff and unclassified professional staff. Read this notice about Total Rewards next steps. Learn more.

Reminder about vacation leave accruals for fiscal year 2017

Employees who earn eight hours of vacation leave per pay period will not accrue vacation leave on the following dates:

  • Pay period ending May 20 - paid June 2. 
  • Pay period ending June 3 - paid June 16.
  • Pay period ending June 17 - paid June 30. 


New Employee Orientation: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 - 9 a.m. Mara Conference Center