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College of Veterinary Medicine

Administration & Finance
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
102 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Grants Management Staff

Ginger BiesenthalGinger Biesenthal, CRA
Grant Specialist

Trotter Hall 2A785-532-4534Biesent@vet.k-state.edu

Amy BruskAmy Brusk
Grant Specialist

Trotter 2A785-532-3897abrusk@vet.k-state.edu

Lisa DuerLisa Duer
Grant Administrator

Trotter 2C785-532-2844lduer@vet.k-state.edu

Lori GarwickLori Garwick
Grant Specialist

Trotter 2D785-532-4285lgarwick@vet.k-state.edu

Bailey StarnsBailey Starns
Grant Specialist

Trotter 2D785-532-3094bjstarns@vet.k-state.edu