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College of Veterinary Medicine

Instructional Technology/Design Services - 417 Trotter Hall

Mal Hoover:  mal@vet.k-state.edu - 785-532-4037

  • Medical Illustrations, diagrams
  • Image editing/preparation for publication
  • Graphs, charts
  • Scientific poster creation

Gina Scott:  scott@vet.k-state.edu - 785-532-6307

  • Canvas
  • software support
  • Graps, charts
  • Qualtrics
Workshops and Seminars

Computing and Technical Support offers a variety of workshops and seminars to help faculty get familiar with the technologies used at K-State and in the college. The workshops are hands-on learning sessions on the use of software, and seminars are informational sessions about ideas and resources regarding technology integration in teaching and learning. Each semester CaTS staff will offer workshops and seminars to meet the needs of faculty and staff based on initiatives and needs in the College of Veterinary Medicine. If you have a specific topic for a workshop or a seminar, please contact Gina Scott.

The workshops and seminars are primarily related to the following technology tools

  • Adobe Connect
  • Camtasia Relay
  • DyKnow
  • EndNote
  • K-State Online
  • Microsoft Office
  • TurningPoint
  • Refworks
  • Emerging technologies

Please check the event calendar for more information.

Online Guides and Tutorials