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College of Veterinary Medicine

Email Large Files

KSUCVM employs a special file transfer module on it's FTP server that allows authorized users to easily and securely send files to any email address in the world using either a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. Users can send a package of files* along with an optional delivery note to multiple recipients.

This method of file transfer is a better option than simple email attachment, since it is more secure and allows for transfer of files up to 2GB in total size. It is also more user-friendly than traditional FTP file transfer. Using the file transfer module, recipients are sent an email notification that includes an embedded link to securely download the file or files, an optional note from the sender, and any password requirements.

Web-based interface

To use the web-based interface, follow this link: https://ftp.vet.k-state.edu/aht/. Be sure to contact the CaTS Hotline at 2-4725 (or at cats@vet.k-state.edu) for login information.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

If you find yourself regularly sending a number of large files, you may prefer to use the WS_FTP Plugin for Outlook. This plugin adds a "WS_FTP Attach File" option to the Outlook New Mail window, and uses the WS_FTP transfer module for file storage and retrieval. Please contact the CaTS Hotline at 2-4725 (or at cats@vet.k-state.edu) to get the WS_FTP Outlook Plugin.

*we recommend that files be compressed (zipped) before sending to minimize file size.