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College of Veterinary Medicine

Purchasing Overview

Items with a cost under $9,999 can be ordered without Department or College approval.  A purchase order is prepared in the KSU CVM general ledger system and the number is given to the vendor at the time of purchase.  When the item(s) are received, they are marked received in the general ledger system which in turn notifies the Business Office that the invoice is ok to pay.

Splitting orders to keep the cost under $9,999 is not allowed.  In the event order splitting does incur to avoid sole source or bidding the items, foundation funds will be used to pay for the entire purchase. 

State Contract Items

It is preferred that items covered by State contracts be purchased from the contract vendor, a KSU department or another State agency.  Items over $9,999 on State contract can be purchased without prior approval.  Please see your department contact for approved contract vendors.

Sole Source

Prior permission from the KSU Purchasing Office and Division of Purchases is necessary for sole source purchases exceeding $9,999

Sole source purchases are those transactions that are available from only a single supplier.  A request for a particular proprietary item does not justify a sole-source procurement if there is more than one potential bidder or offerer for that item. 

For a prior approval using the sole source purchasing method, please send a valid quote and sole source specifics to your department contact.

Bid Process

If the item is $10,000 or more, is not on state contract, nor is it a sole source item, then the item must go out on bid to find the lowest cost bidder for that item.  A purchase requisition must be completed and submitted to purchasing for review.  Once purchasing receives the requisition, the item will go out for bid.  Companies have ten days to put in their bid for that item.  At the end of the ten days, the bids will be returned to the department for review.  Three day bids may be requested if there is an immediate need.  Please see your department contact for assistance with the bid process.

For questions concerning purchasing, please contact your department representative.

  • Dean’s office and Departmental Units – Susan Ekstrum
  • Anatomy and Physiology – Krystin Sothers
  • Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – Morgan Fyffe
  • Veterinary Health Center/Clinical Science – Amber Colvin
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory – Ashley Scott