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College of Veterinary Medicine

Business Procurement Card Dos and Don'ts

The purpose of the State of Kansas Procurement Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small dollar (under $5,000) transactions within established usage limits.

The VISA Business Procurement Cards (BPC) can be used for in-store purchases as well as mail, phone or fax orders.

You will be issued your procurement card after mandatory training and receipt of the signed agreement by the BPC Coordinator in the Purchasing Office.  You may begin using your card immediately after completion of training provided by the Purchasing and General Accounting Office, and upon receipt of the card.

It is likely that any merchant you currently utilize as a source for commodities will accept this card.  However, due to certain restrictions some attempts to purchase goods from a merchant through the use of the BPC will be declined.  If you are declined and feel the decline should not have occurred, contact the VDL Business Manager at 785-532-3294 to determine if you were declined because of a) merchant blocking b) transactions exceeding the monthly cycle limit, or c) transactions exceeding the single transaction limit imposed on your card.

Examples of merchant category codes that have been blocked are:

hotels and motels
package stores
insurance services
some service providers


Commodities and services under $5,000 may be purchased with the Business Procurement Card, except as noted below.  All purchases must comply with State accounting and purchasing statues and polices as outlined in this manual.

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring receipt of goods and materials and will follow-up with the vendor to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies and/or damaged goods.

If goods or materials are ordered by phone, ask the vendor to include a detailed sales receipt in the package and explain we are a tax-exempt organization.  Save the credit card receipt and shipping documentation.


Excluded purchases:

Alcoholic Beverages
Business Cards
Cash Advances
Construction, Renovation or Installation
Hospitality or Entertainment
International Companies (except for Canada, United Kingdom, & Australia)
Personal Items
Purchases involving trade-in of University property
Travel Related Items (such as plane ticket, hotel, car rentals, etc.)
Weapons, Ammunition

The card is not to be used for registrations, travel, gasoline, or entertainment expenses.  The card is also not to be used for items being paid with Foundation funds