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College of Veterinary Medicine

Strategy Leadership Team

Gary Anderson Director for Diagnostic LabsVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory/Admin Council
Shirley T. ArckHospital AdministratorVeterinary Health Center
Tammy Beckham DeanDean's Office/Admin Council
Jaci Begnoche Human Resources ManagerDean's Office
Frank Blecha Associate Dean for ResearchDean's Office/Admin Council
Lisa BryantDirector for Surgical ServicesVeterinary Health Center
Joan BurtonDevelopment OfficerKSU Foundation
M.M. Chengappa Department HeadDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology/Admin Council
Janet Crisler Research AssistantVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Elizabeth DavisInterim Department HeadClinical Sciences
Akaterina (Kat) DavrosDVM StudentClass of 2018
Lisa Duer Grant AdministratorDean's Office
Ronnie Elmore Associate Dean for AdmissionsDean's Office/Admin Council
McArthur HafenCVM CounselorDean's Office
Keith Hamilton Director for International ProgramsDean's Office
Dick HesseProfessorVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Lindsey Holmstrom Research Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Tammy Koopman Research AssociateDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Jim Lillich ProfessorAnatomy & Physiology
Brian Lubbers Clinical Assistant ProfessorVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Jeremy McDiffett Computer Info SpecialistDean's Office
Erin Moore Administrative AssistantAnatomy & Physiology
Derek Mosier ProfessorDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Susan C Nelson Clinical Associate ProfessorClinical Sciences
Austin PaulyDVM StudentClass of 2018
William PolandDVM StudentClass of 2018
Sami PralleRabies Lab 
Jishu Shi ProfessorAnatomy & Physiology
Bruce Schultz Interim Department HeadAnatomy & Physiology
Walter Renberg ProfessorClinical Sciences
Amy RankinProfessorClinical Sciences
David Renter ProfessorDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Juergen Richt ProfessorDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Priscilla RoddyAssistant Dean for Admin & FinanceDean's Office/Admin Council
Bonnie Rush Executive Associate DeanDean's Office/Admin Council
Mark SpareDVM StudentClass of 2019
Lisa TennyDVM StudentClass of 2019


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